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What size tennis racket does a 10 year old need?

What size tennis racket does a 10 year old need?

Kids between 6 and 8 should be playing with a 23-inch racquet and kids from 8 to 10 would probably be best suited to a 25-inch frame. Kids between 9 and 11 should be looking at a 26-inch racquet. For comparison, a standard adult racquet is 27 inches.

What age is a 23-inch tennis racket for?

7-8 years old
The 21-inch is the next size up and is ideal for kids aged 5-6 years and our 23-inch rackets are intended for kids aged 7-8 years old. Remember to take your under-8 child’s height into account when choosing a racket for them.

Can I use a junior racket?

These grip sizes are based on the age of the child and the size of their hand at that age. The weight of a junior racquet can range from 6 oz. to 9.5 oz. The heavier racquets tend to be for older the children, and lighter racquets tend to be for younger children.

Can an 11 year old use an adult tennis racquet?

racquets are generally for kids ages 11-12, who have played tennis for a few years or are able to handle swinging a longer racquet. If the junior is above the age of 12, we recommend that you look at purchasing an adult racquet ranging in length between 27 – 27.25 inches.

What weight racket Should a 12 year old use?

Rackets for 12+ years old Of course, there is nothing wrong with them playing with their 25” or 26” racket now if they are small in stature. It is always better if they play with a smaller and lighter racket they can control than a bigger racket they cannot even comfortably swing!

How do you pick a junior tennis racket?

Most juniors using full-size tennis rackets choose grip size 1 2, or 3 while adults will generally choose between 2, 3 & 4 grip size….*JUNIOR SIZED RACKETS:*

Age: Height: Racket Size
4 & Under Under 39″ 19 inches
4-5 years 40-44 inches 21 inches
6-8 years 45-49 inches 23 inches
9-10 years 50-55 inches 25 inches

How are junior tennis rackets measured?

The measurement is the length of the racket — from the base of the handle to the top edge of the frame, in a straight line. A good way to check the measurement is: Have your child stand up straight. Stand the racket — handle upwards — next to their foot on their playing side (e.g. right foot if they’re right handed)

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