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What song do the crowd sing at the Darts?

What song do the crowd sing at the Darts?

Joe Cullen’s Oasis Walk-On! On Dutch TV they were quiet so you could hear it. It’s on youtube to see 🙂 I really love this song in particular but when the crowd sings it, it’s even amazing.

What is Michael van Gerwen’s walk-on song?

Seven Nation Army

Michael Van Gerwen
Walk-on music “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes
Organisation (see split in darts)
BDO 2005–2007
PDC 2007–

What is Adrian Lewis walk-on music?

Reach Up

Adrian Lewis
Playing darts since 1995
Darts 22g Target
Laterality Right-handed
Walk-on music Reach Up” by Perfecto Allstarz

What is Peter Wright’s walk on song?

Peter Wright Walk On Song Nicknamed Snakebite, Wright is one of the biggest characters in the sport and his darts walk on is an iconic part of his act.

What is Rob Cross Walk on song?

Hot Hot Hot
Rob Cross (darts player)

Rob Cross
Laterality Right-handed
Walk-on music “Hot Hot Hot” by Arrow
Organisation (see split in darts)
BDO 2015

What song does Michael Smith walk out to?

Smith’s walk-on is certainly a popular one amongst the fans as he takes to the stage to the tune of Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, but when we caught up with Bully Boy at the 2019 Grand Slam of Darts, he revealed that he had hoped for a different song originally.

What is Dirk van Duijvenbode walk-on song?

Just Like You

Dirk van Duijvenbode
Walk-on music Just Like You by Radical Redemption
Organisation (see split in darts)
BDO 2010–2011
PDC 2011–

Where does the darts music come from?

THE MUSICIANS, PLANET FUNK Oi! Oi! ‘ The song is called Chase The Sun and was written by Italian band called Planet Funk. They told Sportsmail: ‘It has been a big surprise since the beginning.

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