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What type of book is Rooftoppers?

What type of book is Rooftoppers?


How many pages are in Rooftoppers?

352 pages
Book Information

ISBN: 9781526624802
Author: Katherine Rundell
Publisher: Faber Children’s Books an imprint of Faber and Faber
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 352 pages

What happens in the end of Rooftoppers?

Unfortunately, the highly implausible happy ending, reuniting Sophie and her mom but giving no explanation of what will happen to Charles’ role in Sophie’s life, is abrupt and unsatisfying.

Who are the main characters in Rooftoppers?

The characters in this book are: Sophie – the main character, Matteo – Sophie’s friend, Charles Maxim – the dad, Miss Elliot – the child care officer, and The garriers – the train station boys. People tell Sophie she was orphaned on a shipwreck, but Sophie believes that her mother survived it too.

What is reading age for Rooftoppers?

I would recommend it to anyone aged 8 and up, though it would easily be understood and enjoyed by all ages. This book is a masterpiece, to say it simply. Music is a big feature in the book, as Sophie’s only memory of her mother is that she played the cello.

Is Rooftoppers a good book?

5.0 out of 5 stars The best book I’ve ever read! A beautiful book about a long lost family and a girl who never gives up. When a girl called Sophie learns of her mother’s death, she is determined to find her and prove her alive.

What age rating is Rooftoppers?

How old is Sophie in the Rooftoppers?

twelve year old
The main characters are Sophie (a twelve year old girl who was found floating in a cello case in the middle of the English Channel on her first birthday) and Charles, her guardian.

Is Skysteppers the same as Rooftoppers?

Set a few unspecified years before her classic Parisian adventure Roofoppers, Katherine Rundell’s prequel, Skysteppers tells the story of Matteo and how he came to live up high.

Who published Rooftoppers?

Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Product details

Published 28 May 2020
ISBN 9781526624802
Imprint Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Dimensions 198 x 129 mm
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

What age is roof toppers for?

Is Skysteppers a sequel to Rooftoppers?

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