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What type of snakes are found in Indiana?

What type of snakes are found in Indiana?


  • Common Gartersnake. Thamnophis sirtalis.
  • Plains Gartersnake. Thamnophis radix.
  • Butler’s Gartersnake. Thamnophis butleri.
  • Eastern Ribbonsnake. Thamnophis sauritus.
  • Western Ribbonsnake. Thamnophis proximus.
  • Dekay’s Brownsnake. Storeria dekayi.
  • Red-Bellied Snake. Storeria occipitomaculata.
  • Kirtland’s Snake. Clonophis kirtlandii.

How common are snakes in Indiana?

Indiana is home to more than 30 species of snakes. Four of them are venomous. Of the four, the copperhead is abundant in the southern part of the State. The other three are classified State Endangered and therefore protected in Indiana.

Are there black mambas in Indiana?

Out of fear, you might think it’s a deadly black mamba, but that’d be very unlikely. This is because black mambas don’t live in Indiana – they don’t live in the United States at all. In order not to confuse a black snake with a black mamba, we’ll look at some black snakes that can be found in Indiana.

Where are Copperheads found in Indiana?

Eastern Copperheads are most abundant in the unglaciated hills of south-central Indiana and frequent rocky outcrops, ridgetop forest openings, and hollow logs.

Does Indiana have alot of snakes?

General Characteristics. Indiana is home to 32 native snake species of which only four are venomous.

Where do snakes go during the day?

You’ll often find them basking in the sun or on the hunt for prey during the day. In the evening, as temperatures cool, snakes become less active and will retreat to their protected harborage so they’re less exposed to predators.

Does Indiana have water moccasins?

The Water Moccasin is not likely to be seen in Indiana. It is a distinctly southern species. One small population is known in the south central portion of the state. The water moccasin is recognized by the distinctive white mouth lining that it displays when it gets annoyed.

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