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What was the most popular browser in 2011?

What was the most popular browser in 2011?

Chrome 15 Becomes World’s Most Popular Browser

  • Boston, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Thursday, 15th December, 2011: Google’s Chrome 15 has become the most popular web browser version worldwide for the first time on a weekly basis, according to StatCounter, the free website analytics company.
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What are the 10 most popular web browsers?

List of Top 10 Browsers for PC

  • Firefox.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Apple Safari.
  • Opera.
  • Brave.
  • Vivaldi.
  • DuckDuckgo.

What are the four most popular Web browsers?

The most popular current browsers are Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

What are the most used browsers?

Chrome’s internet browser market share in the US is 48.53 percent with Safari relatively close behind at 35.36 percent….Most Popular Browsers in the United States

  • Edge: 5.7 percent.
  • Firefox: 3.48 percent.
  • Internet Explorer: 2.03 percent.
  • Samsung Internet: 1.87 percent.

What were the first browsers?

1990 – The WorldWideWeb (not to be confused with the World Wide Web) was the first browser ever created by W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee, then renamed Nexus to differentiate from the actual World Wide Web. Unlike today, this was the only browser and the only way to access the web.

What was the 1st web browser?

The first web browser – or browser-editor rather – was called WorldWideWeb as, after all, when it was written in 1990 it was the only way to see the web. Much later it was renamed Nexus in order to save confusion between the program and the abstract information space (which is now spelled World Wide Web with spaces).

What are the 10 web browsers?

Microsoft Edge: Best web browser overall.

  • Google Chrome: Best browser for Gmail users.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Best web browser for privacy.
  • Vivaldi: Best browser for customization.
  • Safari: Best web browser for casual Mac users.
  • Opera: Good all-rounder.
  • Maxthon: Best for drag-and-drop.
  • Avast Secure Browser Pro: Good for privacy.
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