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When should I apply milky spore to my lawn?

When should I apply milky spore to my lawn?

Grubs have to eat milky spore for it to infect them, so the best time to apply milky spore is in early fall when grubs feed most actively. You can apply milky spore in spring and summer, as well, because grubs are present pretty much any time the ground isn’t frozen.

How often do you apply milky spore powder?

Milky Spore Powder can be applied at any time the ground is not frozen, the powder only needs to be applied once and takes up to 2 years for you to see results. The spore will reproduce and spread when grubs eat it. If you’re using Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix, you will need to do one treatment…

How long does it take for milky spore to be effective?

Milky Spore Powder begins working as soon as it is applied as long as grubs are feeding. Once grubs are infected they will multiply the spore by several billion times and spread it further. In warm climates good control can occur in one to three years. In colder areas, it may take three to five years.

Can you apply too much milky spore?

Answer: Per St. Gabriel the manufacturer, you can never put too much down. You can switch to the Milky Spore Powder. you want to apply 1 tsp every 4 feet.

Is Milky Spore powder or granules better?

Milky spore powder is a better choice than milky spore granules because it requires fewer applications and is less expensive. Using the powder requires only one application of the less expensive powder. Using milky spore granules requires 6 applications over 2 years.

Should I water in milky spore?

They don’t usually need to be watered in but should not be introduced to a dry soil. Nematodes move through soil moisture and can migrate easily into a moist soil. Applying after rain or irrigation is best. Timing with milky spore is not as important.

Can you apply milky spore with a spreader?

Milky spore powder is very fine, and cannot be spread with a broadcast spreader. A drop spreader places milky spore on the lawn in spots where it will be watered into the soil and moved through it by Japanese beetle grubs.

Can milky spore be applied with fertilizer?

No, Milky Spore is not affected by fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other lawn chemicals. They may all be applied at the same time.

Will milky spore get rid of moles?

The best long-term control is Milky Spore. Safe for the environment, this natural spore is harmless to fish, birds, bees, animals, plants and people. It kills grubs in the soil and remains active in the soil for up to 15 years. This is a great long-term solution for moles.

How do you spread granular milky spore?


  1. Fill the drop spreader with the Milky Spore Granular.
  2. Apply uniformly over the treatment area.
  3. Spread over the treatment area at the rate of 1 lb per 350 sq.
  4. Water the treated area and/or apply beneficial nematodes within 24 hours of application to soak spores into the soil.

Does milky spore harm dogs?

Milky Spore is approved by the EPA. It is a safe material to kill grubs. It is not toxic to insects, birds, pets or humans.

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