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Where are Bridgeport Fittings made?

Where are Bridgeport Fittings made?

We are also investing in new equipment, process automation and product development in our manufacturing headquarters in Stratford, Connecticut. Our integrated in-house capability enables us to develop, maintain, inspect and deliver the highest quality product that the electrical industry demands.

Who owns Bridgeport Fittings?

NSi Industries, LLCBridgeport Fittings, Inc. / Parent organization

What are the types of EMT utility boxes and fittings?

Steel EMT Set Screw Connectors.

  • Steel EMT Set Screw Couplings.
  • Steel EMT Compression Connectors.
  • Steel EMT Compression Couplings.
  • Steel EMT Compression to Threaded Rigid Couplings.
  • Steel EMT Set Screw to Rigid Set Screw Couplings.
  • Raintight Compression Connectors.
  • Raintight Compression Couplings.
  • Who makes Bridgeport Mills?

    In 2002 Hardinge, Inc. (Elmira, New York) took over production of the Bridgeport Milling Machine. It was a tough challenge keeping this brand alive, but in the end they succeeded making it the Best Milling Machine money can buy!

    Who owns Arlington fittings?

    Arlington Industries, Inc.
    was founded in 1949, and in its early years served the electrical industry as a regional supplier of zinc die cast fittings. The company was acquired by its present owners in 1956….Contact Us.

    Arlington Industries, Inc.
    1 Stauffer Industrial Park
    Scranton, PA 18517
    Local 1-570-562-0270
    Toll-Free 1-800-233-4717

    What’s the difference between a coupling and a connector?

    Connectors look very similar to couplings but have a distinct difference. Connectors are meant to slide over the end of a piece of conduit on one side, and tighten down to the inside of a box or enclosure on the other end. You use connectors at the ends of conduit runs to land into a box.

    Can you use EMT compression fittings outside?

    EMT can be used in wet locations as long as the conduit is galvanized and you use all fittings that are identified for wet locations and protected from corrosion. EMT can be used in concrete as long as the fittings are identified for use.

    Did NSI buy Bridgeport?

    In a blockbuster acquisition, NSI Industries, Huntersville, NC, today announced the acquisition of Bridgeport Fittings Inc., the Stratford, CT-based market manufacturer of American-made electrical fittings for cable and conduit installations.

    Is Bridgeport Machines still in business?

    The Bridgeport knee mill is back — and still made in the U.S.A. The Bridgeport knee mill is still made in the U.S.A. — by Hardinge Inc.

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