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Where are the fish biting in Townsville?

Where are the fish biting in Townsville?

Best Fishing Spots in the greater Townsville area Often the points on either side of a beach are the best spots. Or if the beach is large then look for irregularities in the breaking waves, indicating sandbanks and holes. We found 27 beaches and bays in this area.

What fish do you catch in Townsville?

Barramundi, mangrove jack, flathead, tarpon, whiting and bream of the few are all popular targets with a variety of methods working exceptionally. The Ross River which runs from the Ross River Dam right into the heart of Townsville is one of the most popular rivers to be fished.

Can you catch barramundi in Townsville?

Barramundi Fishing in Townsville We have made it easy for you. Our dams are stocked full of barramundi. For the beginners, fish in our small barra dams and you will ease into it catching barra about 80cm-1m+.

Is there good fishing in Townsville?

Even among world-class fishing, Townsville stands out as having some of the best fishing spots in Australia.

Can you catch squid in Townsville?

Fingermark April to Jun & Sept to Dec Strada Raiko and Luana, Koolabung Xray blade 60 and the Gulp Squid Vicious. Trolling deep diving lures around the mouths of creeks with rock ledges are ideal spots. When Jigging soft plastics and blades try using sharp jigs of the rod and stay close to the bottom.

What fish are in Ross River Townsville?

The Ross River also provides direct access to Magnetic Island, the west and south points hold Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Grunter, Golden Snapper, Trevally, Queen Fish, Tripletail and Nannygai. Large Barramundi are often caught on the south side of Magnetic Island on the reef flats with crayfish as bait.

What saltwater fish has a black dot on its tail?

the red drum
The most distinguishing mark on the red drum is one large black spot on the upper part of the tail base. Having multiple spots is not uncommon for this fish, but having no spots is extremely rare. As the fish with multiple spots grow older, they seem to lose their excess spots.

How do you catch big barra?

Small mullets caught with a cast net or small prawns or cherabin caught in opera house traps are the most popular live bait. When the going is tough and the Barra aren’t feeding aggressively, live bait may be the only way to catch a barramundi. Some of the lures Outback Joe has enjoyed success with.

Where can I find squid in Townsville?

Can you catch squid in North Queensland?

Fishing is most productive at night using live squid baits caught by hanging a bright lantern or light over the water and then dabbing or jagging the squid. Fished whole, on the bottom, Fingermark to over 30lb are fairly common. Other tropical species caught here include Trevally, Queenfish and Cod, to name a few.

Can you catch squid on the Sunshine Coast?

The species that frequents our sunshine coast waters during the cooler months in good numbers is sepioteuthis lessoniana aka tiger squid or northern calamari. They live on the reefs, rocky bars offshore and around sea grass beds, rock walls and jetties in the rivers.

Can you fish at Aplins Weir?

Tarpon, Bony Bream and Milkfish were easy to find in the pools below the weir wall and a couple of throws with the cast net had the live bait bucket full. We were fishing the run in tide that was due to peak at 2.61m at 6.22pm, so expected to find a few barra feeding along the rocky barrier with the rising tide.

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