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Where can I buy Hi-Potion?

Where can I buy Hi-Potion?

Albgast. Old Gridania (X:14.6 Y:8.8)

  • Merchant & Mender. Central Thanalan (X:21.3 Y:18.4)
  • Junkmonger. Southern Thanalan (X:15.9 Y:30.0)
  • Haneko Burneko. The Waking Sands (X:6.2 Y:4.9) Other Locations.
  • Rarakiya. Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:13.8 Y:9.7)
  • Pienne. The Pillars (X:6.6 Y:10.2)
  • Can you buy potions Ffxiv?

    This weak concoction instantly restores a small amount of HP….Purchase.

    Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
    Merchant and Mender Central Shroud (21.8, 21.1) 28
    Merchant and Mender Central Thanalan (21.3, 18.4) 28
    Merchant and Mender Upper La Noscea (30, 23.7) 28
    Merchant and Mender Outer La Noscea (19.4, 17.4) 28

    Where can I get a Hi-Potion in Final Fantasy 14?


    Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
    Blue Lily Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (8.4, 11.8) 146
    Boughbury Trader South Shroud (21, 16) 146
    Chachamun Eastern Thanalan (22.3, 21.3) 146
    Haneko Burneko The Waking Sands (6.2, 5) 146

    Where can I buy a hi-potion in Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Artemicion’s Moogle Shop
    ↑ In Kingdom Hearts II, the Potion can be purchased for 100 Munny at Artemicion’s Moogle Shop and sold for 25 Munny.

    Where do you get potions in Kingdom Hearts?

    the Moogle Shop
    You can buy them from the Moogle Shop for ninety Heart Pointss and you get free potions from the shop when you obtain five Mission Crowns.

    How do you get high cordial?

    Obtained From : Quests(13)

    1. Love for Harmony. Lv. 58 Ishgard. Botanist Quests.
    2. Seeds Know No Borders. Lv. 60 Ishgard. Botanist Quests.
    3. Digging Deeper. Lv. 58 Ishgard. Miner Quests.

    What does high grade company issue tonic do?

    Description: This herbal concoction is guaranteed to clear passageways blocked with blood or bile, allowing for easier breathing and full, immediate recovery from unconsciousness.

    Where is the item shop in Traverse Town?

    You will spend a lot of time in Traverse Town because of the Accessory Shop, the large building in the center of this First District. Go south of the aforementioned shop to find the Item Shop located next to the steps.

    Where is the Moogle shop in Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Traverse Town
    In Kingdom Hearts, the Moogle Shop is only found in Traverse Town. When Sora uses the green Trinity Mark in the Accessory Shop in the First District, the Synthesis Workshop, which is run by some of the Moogles, is opened and Sora can then go there to allow the Moogles there to use some of his items to make new ones.

    Can you buy potions in Kingdom Hearts?

    You can buy them from the Moogle Shop for ninety Heart Pointss and you get free potions from the shop when you obtain five Mission Crowns.

    Can you craft Hi cordial?

    – Hi-cordial gives the most GP but can’t be crafted and if you are doing collectables there seems to be poor return on red scrips as they cost more red scrips than the 1 or 2 collectables you may be able to gather with it.

    Can you buy cordial Ffxiv?

    Cordial can be crafted, obtained as a quest reward, or purchased from vendors.

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