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Where can I fish in Rahway River?

Where can I fish in Rahway River?

The best fishing spots are all located just above and below the dams along the river, such as the one at Valley Road, at the Parkway overpass, at the Rahway water plant and the dam at state Route 27. These areas are all clearly posted, conspicuous by the presence of trout anglers and easily accessible.

What fish are in season now in NJ?

2022 New Jersey Marine Fishing Limits

Fish Species Open Season Possession Limit
Black Sea Bass July 1 – Aug 31 2 per person
Black Sea Bass Oct 7 – Oct 26 10 per person
Black Sea Bass Nov 1 – Dec 31 15 per person
Blackfish (Tautog) Jan 1 – Feb 28 4 per person

Is fishing season open in NJ?

The season will be as follows: January 1 – March 20: Waters open to fishing, with a 4 trout daily limit and a 9″ size minimum. March 21 – April 9 at 8:00 a.m.: Waters closed to trout fishing (* See Exceptions below) April 9 at 8:00 a.m.: Opening day of trout season.

Can you fish all year round in NJ?

Not anymore! Trout fishing in New Jersey is now a year-round reality. The Winter Trout Stocked Lakes Program began in November, 2000. The program provides additional opportunities during the late fall and winter months by providing trout outside the regular spring and fall stocking seasons.

Where does the Rahway River start?

Arthur KillRahway River / Mouth

How many miles is the Rahway River?

30 miRahway River / Length
The Rahway River is 24 miles long and drains a land area of 41 square miles of Essex, Middlesex and Union counties.

Can you keep fish you catch in NJ?

Only one daily creel of any fish species may be in possession. Additional fish may be caught once the creel is reached if immediately returned to the water unharmed. Separate stringers or buckets must be used for each angler’s catch. Boats may contain only the combined daily creel limit for each legal angler on board.

Are stripers running in NJ yet?

Large female striped bass are moving through the mid-Bay region on their way to the upper bay spawning sites. Anglers are reminded that there is no catch-and-release fishing allowed from April 1 until May 1. In the lower Bay, most of the striped bass have already entered the spawning rivers.

When can I fish for trout in NJ?

Opening day of trout season: Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 8 a.m. To fish for trout or salmon, a valid New Jersey fishing license and trout stamp are both required for residents at least 16 years and less than 70 years of age plus all non-residents 16 years and older.

What fish are running in NJ?

Bluefin, yellowfin, bigeye and albacore tuna are available during summer and fall. These species all inhabit deep, offshore ocean waters out to the canyons. Either fast trolling or chumming with fish chunks catches them. Many weakfish are taken in our bays by chumming with live shrimp.

How many hooks can you use in NJ?

nine hooks
It Is Unlawful To: Possess a fishing device with more than nine hooks in total, or more than three treble hooks, except for the Delaware River; see Delaware River regulations. Use set lines. Use cast nets in freshwater lakes or trout stocked waters.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in NJ?

f. (1) Any person found hunting, fishing or trapping without the proper license or tag as may be required conspicuously displayed pursuant to subsection b. of this section shall be liable to a penalty of $10 and costs, to be recovered pursuant to the provisions of Title 23, chapter 10, of the Revised Statutes.

Is the Rahway River saltwater?

The lower Rahway River is tidal. The tidal portion of the river extends up into the City of Rahway. The upper portion of river corridor consists of floodplains, woodlands and freshwater wetlands while the lower portion consists of salt marshes and tidal flats.

Is the Rahway River polluted?

Since the beginning and on into the present, much of the water that flows into the Rahway River is polluted by fecal bacteria and phosphates. Both of these enter the river through storm drains when rain or melting snow carries pet waste and lawn fertilizer into the storm sewers.

How many rods can you fish in NJ?

three rods
No more than three rods, each with one line, or two hand lines—or one of each—may be used. No more than three single hooks or three treble hooks per line.

What month is best for striped bass fishing?

Early fall mimics the summer where stripers feed most heavily in the cooler periods of the day. Early morning and late afternoon is key. As fall moves along and the weather gets colder, striped bass feed more in the warmer parts of the day. The early afternoon period always seems to be best for me.

What is the best time to go striper fishing?


  • Look for the season’s first linesiders in estuaries and back bays.
  • Bouncing bucktails and swim jigs in inlets is an effective early-season tactic.
  • The nighttime is the right time to find feeding stripers in the summer.
  • Rocky shorelines are magnets for migrating stripers during the fall run.

What bait is for trout?

For catching trout, many anglers turn to natural baits. Nightcrawlers and other types of earthworms are an excellent choice. Salmon eggs, mealworms and locally available baits can also be very successful and often are similar to food sources in the environment.

Are they still stocking trout in NJ?

SEASON STOCKING SUMMARY Trout stocked waters will be open to catch-and-release fishing on April 1 at 8 am through April 9. Opening day of trout season is April 10 at 8am with a daily limit of six trout. No Bonus Broodstock Lakes will be designated in 2021.

What’s the best time to surf fish?

The best time of day to surf fish is usually the first few hours around dawn the final few hours around dusk. With that said, the tide is still the most important factor. If you really want to increase your chances, find the days where the high tide coincides with dawn or dusk.

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