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Where does levator veli palatini attach?

Where does levator veli palatini attach?

The levator veli palatini muscle attaches to the petrous part of the temporal bone and the lateral lamina of the guttural pouch. It travels along the lateral wall of the nasopharynx and terminates within the soft palate. A branch of the pharyngeal branch of the vagus nerve innervates this muscle.

What is levator veli palatini innervation?

The levator veli palatini muscle is innervated by branches from the pharyngeal plexus, which is formed by glossopharyngeal (CN IX) and vagus nerves (CN X).

What is tensor veli palatini used for?

Function. The tensor veli palatini tenses the soft palate and by doing so, assists the levator veli palatini in elevating the palate to occlude and prevent entry of food into the nasopharynx during swallowing.

What is levator veli palatini?

The levator veli palatini (levator) muscle is considered to be the primary muscle responsible for velar elevation. As its name implies, it functions to elevate the velum to create closure between the oral and nasal cavities (Moon and Kuehn, 2004).

Which nerve Innervates the tensor veli palatini?

mandibular nerve
The pharyngeal plexus plays a major role in innervating the levator veli palatini and palatopharyngeus muscle and receive its motor fibres from the accessory nerve. The tensor veli palatini is innervated by the mandibular nerve.

Which branch of which cranial nerve supplies the levator veli palatini?

Two major anatomical textbooks mention that both palatopharyngeus muscle (PP) and the levator veli palatini muscle (LVP) are innervated by the cranial part of the accessory nerve (CN XI) via the pharyngeal plexus and the tensor veli palatini muscle (TVP) is innervated by the mandibular nerve [7, 8].

What muscles raise soft palate?

Levator veli palatini muscle: elevates the soft palate and is involved in swallowing.

What nerve Innervates tensor veli palatini?

Is tensor veli palatini a muscle of mastication?

The two forgotten accessory muscles of mastication, the tensor veli palatini and tensor tympani muscles, have been found to play important roles in treating orofacial pains, including temporomandibular joint pain, facial pain, neck and shoulder pain, as well as ear symptomology of tinnitus, pressure and pain in the ear …

What muscles are affected by cleft palate?

The tensor and levator veli palatini muscles are both associated with the eustachian tube, and are equally affected in the cleft palate anomaly.

What nerve Innervates the hard palate?

maxillary nerve
The greater palatine and nasopalatine nerves both branches of the maxillary nerve innervate the hard palate, whereas the lesser palatine branch of the maxillary nerve supplies the soft palate.

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