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Where does most of the US population live by 1920?

Where does most of the US population live by 1920?

Eleven million people migrated from rural to urban areas between 1870 and 1920, and a majority of the twenty-five million immigrants who came to the United States in these same years moved into the nation’s cities. By 1920, more Americans lived in cities than in rural areas for the first time in US history.

What was the population of the US in 1920?

POP Culture: 1920

The 1920 Census 10 Largest Urban Places
U.S. Resident Population: 106,021,537 Rank
Population per square mile of land area: 29.9 1
Percent increase of population from 1910 to 1920: 15.0 2
Official Enumeration Date: January 1 3

What did the 1920 Census report about the placement of the American population?

The United States census of 1920, conducted by the Census Bureau during one month from January 5, 1920, determined the resident population of the United States to be 106,021,537, an increase of 15.0 percent over the 92,228,496 persons enumerated during the 1910 census.

What was the US population in 1921?


Year Population Change
1923 111,947,000 1,898,000
1922 110,049,000 1,511,000
1921 108,538,000 2,077,000
1920 106,461,000 1,947,000

What percentage of Americans lived in rural areas in the 1920’s?

The fact is now an icon of American pivotal moments—the 1920 census revealed that, for the first time in U.S. history, more people lived in urban than in rural areas. The percentages were close—51.2% urban to 48.8% rural—but the significance was astounding.

What percent of the population was black in 1920?

From 1916 through the 1960s, more than 6 million black people moved north….America’s historic Black population.

Year Population (millions) Percent of population
1910 9.8 10.7
1920 10.5 9.9
1930 11.9 9.7
1940 12.9 9.8%

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