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Where is KackisHD from?

Where is KackisHD from?

Alberta, Canada
KackisHD: I’m from Alberta, Canada! I got into YouTube when I was in high school and really took off when I was in university. YouTube was able to help fund finishing my degree, but it wasn’t always easy balancing both.

Can you get artifice armor from secret chests?

Artifice armor This bonus is only available on Master, but it’s guaranteed to be on any armor that drops from a Master run, excluding any secret chests.

What do new players do in Destiny with 2 players?

Destiny 2 Beginner’s Guide (Joining During Witch Queen)

  1. Make sure you buy the Witch Queen Expansion to start. It’s as good a time as any to play Destiny.
  2. Don’t stress too much picking your class.
  3. Play the intro and then the campaign.
  4. Gear and Character Progression.
  5. Game Modes.
  6. Bounties and Quests.
  7. Mods.
  8. Exotics.

What is the goal of Destiny 2?

It’s team deathmatch, where the goal is to eliminate other players and capture territory. If you’re here to shoot other players in the face, this is where you’ll go. In regular Crucible modes, guardians’ power levels are balanced so that everyone has a mostly even playing field.

Does Master Grasp of Avarice give loot?

Grasp of Avarice has quite a few appealing loot drops. In terms of weapons, there’s the chance to get an Eyasluna god roll or even a 1000 Yard Stare that’s perfect for Crucible. The following table is divided into each of the main sections that you earn loot.

How do you farm final boss Grasp of Avarice?

How to farm Grasp of Avarice

  1. Go through the dungeon on your first character until you reach the encounter you want to farm.
  2. Start the encounter and wipe (i.e. die without beating it).
  3. Ask your Fireteam to wait.
  4. On that second character, join again your Fireteam.
  5. Wipe again.

Can you farm for Eyasluna?

To farm for Eyasluna, players will need to follow a few very specific steps and meet a couple of requirements. First, you must have received at least one Eyasluna drop to farm for it. Check your Collections and see if you have received an Eyasluna. If you have, you can continue forward with the farming method.

How do you get Ensilvered snare?

So I wanted to get the Ensilvered Snare shader, which involves completing the Grasp of Averise Flawless triumph. The triumph is worded as follows: “Complete all encounters in the “Grasp of Averise” dungeon without dying.” So I went into Grasp of Averise and completed the entire dungeon without dying once.

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