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Where is the HMAS Swan wreck?

Where is the HMAS Swan wreck?

Geographe Bay
The HMAS swan is located in the peaceful Geographe Bay, 2.4 km away from Meelup Beach in Dunsborough, Western Australia.

How far offshore is the HMAS Swan?

In the near vicinity of the HMAS Swan Wreck the water depth ranges from about 29.8 to 23.9 metres deep (16.3 to 13.1 fathoms / 97.7 to 78.5 feet).

What is swan diving?

Definition of swan dive : a front dive executed with the head back, back arched, and arms spread sideways and then brought together above the head to form a straight line with the body as the diver enters the water.

How deep is the Swan wreck?

30 metres
The 2750-tonne, 140-metre long HMAS Swan was scuttled in Geographe Bay in December 1997 in 30 metres of clear water and to provide a world-class dive wreck. The navigation and antennae tower is about eight metres below the surface, with the upper deck at about 15 metres.

How did HMAS Swan sink?

Swan paid off in 1996, and was sunk as a dive wreck off the coast of Dunsborough, Western Australia at the end of 1997.

How do you swan dive into water?

Leap with arms extended out at your sides like bird wings; arch your lower back; lift your head skyward; raise your arms above your head to enter the water hands first, body in a vertical position; minimize your splash.

Can you dive in the Swan River?

With wreck depths ranging from 7 metres to 22 metres, the Coombe also offers the deepest point for diving in the Swan. It is also one of the most popular dive sites in the Swan River and is generally considered divable in most strong weather conditions.

What is the deepest part of the Swan River?

The deepest point of the Swan River is about 21m near Mosman Bay. This is a popular scuba diving spot.

How do you fall head first?

Turn your body as you fall. It is far better to land on your buttocks or side than directly onto your arms and head. Turn your body in the same direction you have tucked your chin to further ensure your face doesn’t hit the ground. Try to make this motion as fluid as possible, without twisting your back abruptly.

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