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Where the quick return mechanism is used?

Where the quick return mechanism is used?

A quick return mechanism is an apparatus that converts circular motion into reciprocating motion in presses and shaping machines, which are utilized to shape stocks of metal into flat surfaces. This mechanism is mostly used in shaping machines, slotting machines and in rotary internal combustion engines.

What are the methods of obtaining quick return mechanism?

There are three types of Quick return mechanism: Whitworth Quick Return mechanism. Crank and Slotted Link Mechanism and. Hydraulic Drive.

What are the quick return mechanisms discuss the functioning of any two of them?

In quick return mechanism, a circular motion is converted into reciprocating motion just like crank and lever mechanism but it has return stroke time is different from forward stroke time. This mechanism is used in many machines. Some of them are shaper machines, slotter machines, screw press, mechanical actuator etc.

What are the advantages of quick return mechanism?

Quick return mechanism advantages: Rapid movement while return stroke. It is usefull for conversion of rotary motion in reciprocating motion. In some machines, the process of material removal is carried out only in forward stroke. Therfore the faster return stroke helps to minimize total working time of machine.

Which one of the following is a necessary condition for a quick return mechanism to work?

Shortest link is always stationary link. Sum of the shortest and the longest links of the four links 1, 2, 3 and 4 are less than the sum of the other two. It is the necessary condition for the drag link quick return mechanism.

What is application of slider crank mechanism?

Combustion Engines: Slider-crank mechanism is used in piston cylinder assembly in combustion engines and converts reciprocating motion into circular motion and vice-versa. 3. Rotary Engines: Fixing the crank in the Slider-crank mechanism it can be used to form rotary engines. Rotary engines are used in cars.

Why quick return mechanism is used in shaper machine?

Quick return is a common feature of tools in which the action is performed in only one direction of the stroke, such as shapers and powered saws, because it allows less time to be spent on returning the tool to its initial position.

What are the main types of quick return motion mechanism used in shaper?


  • Hydraulic drive.
  • Crank and slotted link mechanism.
  • Whitworth mechanism.

What are the applications of slider crank mechanism?

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