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Which district is mananthavady?

Which district is mananthavady?

Wayanad District
Mananthavady, Wayanad District, Kerala, India | Kerala Tourism.

Who is mananthavady mla?

O. R. Kelu is an Indian politician and the current MLA of Mananthavady, Kerala.

Which is big town in Wayanad?

Kalpetta is the biggest town nearby and is just 13 km from Wayanad. So, if you’re coming by a bus, you’ll be getting off at Kalpetta and then make your way to our tiny abode full of nature. Throughout the day, you’ll find auto-rickshaws that’ll take you to Wayanad.

How high is wayanad from sea level?

between 700 meters and 2100 meters
About District | Wayanad It is a picturesque plateau situated at a height between 700 meters and 2100 meters above the mean sea level nested among the mountains of the Western Ghats on the Eastern portion of North Kerala and on the sides of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka States.

Which is wayanad sub district?

Subdistrict. The subdistrict Mananthavady falls in Wayanad district situated in Kerala state, with a population 257872.

How can I go to Wayanad by flight?

Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode is the nearest airport to Wayanad. You can take a flight to Kozhikode, which is well connected to most cities in the country as well as the Middle East. From Kozhikode you can take a cab.

Who is Sulthan Bathery MLA?

As of the 2021 assembly elections, the current MLA is I. C. Balakrishnan of INC….Sulthan Bathery Assembly constituency.

Sulthan Bathery
Current MLA I. C. Balakrishnan
Party INC
Alliance UDF
Elected year 2021

Who is the MLA of Kalpetta?

As of the 2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election, the current MLA is T Siddique of Indian National Congress.

What is the nickname of Wayanad?

Wayanad is often called as the Ooty of Kerala for its evergreen beautiful locations and pleasant climate.

Which is better Munnar or Wayanad?

If you prefer wildlife and forest, wayanad is better. You can visit tribal villages and know thier culture. But munnar is more beautiful with its pleasant climate and beautiful tea plantations. You can get good camping sites in munnar to stay inside tea estates.

Which is better Coorg or Wayanad?

The choice between Wayanad or Coorg is simple. If you are looking for an offbeat but immensely enlightening experience then Wayanad is the place to head to. If you want to rejoice in the bounty of nature with nothing to worry about in the least bit, Coorg is the perfect destination.

Why is Wayanad famous?

This popular town is famous for wildlife and its spice plantations. Wayanad is part of a forest reserve, located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Because of it wild green coverage it offers great scenic beauty along with the experience of seeing wildlife.

Which is the best month to visit Wayanad?

October to May is the best time to visit Wayanad. The times in between December to February are much cooler than the other months of the year with downfall of temperature up to 10°C. Thus many travelers choose this duration as the best season to visit Wayanad.

Who is Kalpatta MLA?

Kalpetta Assembly constituency

Current MLA T Siddique
Party Indian National Congress
Alliance UDF
Elected year 2021

What is the old name of Sulthan Bathery?

Sulthan Bathery is situated about 100 km from Kozhikode on NH212 and it was earlier known as Ganapathivattom. The place owes its new name to the erstwhile ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, who during his invasion of the Malabar region dumped his ammunition and parked his artillery battering in an old Jain temple here.

Who is the MP of Wayanad?

Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency

Incumbent Rahul Gandhi
Parliamentary Party INC
Elected Year 2019
Constituency Details

Why is Wayanad famous for?

Is Wayanad better than Ooty?

Ooty is cooler, less spread out (attractions are close by) and if you can stay closer to tea gardens in Coonoor, can be nice. However, it is more than likely to be very crowded. Wayanad is more spread out, has more variety to see (waterfalls, lake, edakkal caves, etc).

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