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Which is the largest cooperative in India?

Which is the largest cooperative in India?

IFFCO is the biggest cooperative in the world by turnover on GDP per capita.

What is the maximum number of people in a cooperative?

The minimum members required to get a co-operative society registered is 10 and maximum 100 in case of cooperative Credit society and no limit for the remaining. Was this answer helpful?

Which state has the largest number of cooperative institutions in India?

Maharashtra has the highest number of such cooperative societies at 567, followed by Uttar Pradesh (147) and New Delhi (133).

Where is the largest number of cooperative in the world?

IFFCO with more than 36,000 member cooperatives and a group turnover of nearly 7 billion dollars, it is amongst the biggest cooperative institutions in the world.

Which is the No 1 cooperative bank in India?

Top 10 Cooperative Banks in India 2022

Name of Cooperative Bank Number of Branches Founded
1. Saraswat Cooperative Bank 283 1918
2. Cosmos Cooperative Bank 140 1906
3. Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank 62 1906
4. Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Ltd 111 1964

What is the minimum number for cooperative Organisation?

252 CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES ACT, 19681(1) AN ACT to provide for the establishment and regulation of co-operate societies and for related matters. limited liability. societies which are not less than two in number. (3) The word “co-operative” shall form part of the name of a registered society.

How many members are in a cooperative?

– A cooperative may be organized and registered by at least fifteen (15) persons for any or all of the following purposes: aisa dc (1) To encourage thrift and savings mobilization among the members: (2) To generate funds and extend credit to the members for productive and provident purposes; (3) To encourage among …

How many cooperative are there in India?

India has >8 lakh registered cooperative societies, especially in agricultural, banking and housing sectors.

Which country has the most cooperatives?

Brazil Wins Title Of Most Cooperatives in the World Mayo believes it is “fitting” that Brazil ranks as the most cooperative nation on Earth. “The country has two and a half times as many member-owners of co-ops than it does shareholders in listed firms,” he said.

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