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Who are the 5 Monstars?

Who are the 5 Monstars?

What many viewers don’t realize is that the Monstars actually had names as Pound (orange, Charles Barkley), Bang (green, Patrick Ewing), Nawt (red, Muggsy Bogues), Bupkus (purple, Larry Johnson) and Blanko (blue, Shawn Bradley) challenged Jordan and friends to one of the most epic games of basketball ever.

Who are the goons in Space Jam?

Arachnneka (Nneka Ogwumike), left, the Brow (Anthony Davis), Dom James (Cedric Joe), White Mamba (Diana Taurasi) and Wet-Fire (Klay Thompson) are the Goon Squad in “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

Who are the monsters in Space Jam?

The Nerdlucks are the central antagonists of the 1996 Warner Bros. hybrid film Space Jam, and minor characters in it’s 2021 sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy. They start out as a group of tiny and weak aliens known as the Nerdlucks that work for galactic worker Mr.

Who is the villain in the first Space Jam?

owner Swackhammer
Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” In the original film, the tiny cartoon aliens work with their evil boss, theme-park owner Swackhammer (voiced by Danny DeVito), to force the Looney Tunes cartoons to work at their intergalactic park.

Who was the purple monstar?

Bupkus. Bupkus, who stole Larry Johnson’s talent is the buff purple monstar. He has dark purple hair, and he is very emotional and cocky. He enjoys mocking Michael Jordan and hurting the Looney Tunes.

Who was the Blue Monster in Space Jam?

Blanko is a blue nerdluck who wears a pink bowtie, he speaks in a thick californian accent. As a monstar he has pointy ears, dark blue hair and a buck tooth. He stole the talent from Shawn Bradley, he speaks in a thick californian accent.

Who are the villains in Space Jam 2?

The Goon Squad In the original Space Jam, Bugs and co. faced off against a team of aliens known as the MonStars. This time around, the foes are malignant computer programs known as the Goon Squad. Team members include Arachnneka, The Brow, Wet-Fire, White Mamba, and Chronos.

Who is Cronus in Space Jam?

Damian Lillard as Chronos After missing the playoffs in his first two seasons, Lillard has helped the Trail Blazers reach the playoffs every year since. In Space Jam: A New Legacy, Lillard is the golden, time-controlling robotic member of the Goon Squad called Chronos.

What are the Monstars names in Space Jam 2?

Space Jam Character Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson and Damian Lillard are the NBA stars featured on the Goon Squad. WNBA stars Diana Taurasi and Nneka Ogwumike make up the rest of the Goon Squad. The names of the Goon Squad are The Brow, Wet-Fire, Chronos, White Mamba and Arachnneka.

Who is the main villain in Space Jam 2?

Space Jam 2’s new villain, Al G. Rhythm, is actually terrifying, even if it didn’t quite work as well as the studio may have hoped it would. Don Cheadle stars as the antagonist, Al G. Rhythm, in Space Jam: A New Legacy alongside LeBron James and Bugs Bunny.

Who is the red monster in Space Jam?

Gossamer appears in Space Jam: A New Legacy. He appears as a member of the Tune Squad during the basketball match against the Goon Squad where he was briefly burned by Wet-Fire’s fire form.

Who are the villains in Space Jam: A New Legacy?

Al-G Rhythm is the main antagonist of the 2021 Warner Bros. hybrid film Space Jam: A New Legacy, the stand-alone sequel to the 1996 classic film Space Jam.

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