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Who created mystery skulls?

Who created mystery skulls?

Luis Alberto Dubuc Jr.
Luis Alberto Dubuc Jr. (born January 28, 1985) is an American musician, DJ, singer-songwriter, record producer and former drummer from Dallas, Texas. He was a member of The Secret Handshake and Of Legends and currently is the brain behind Mystery Skulls.

What is the story of mystery skulls?

Arthur, Vivi, and Mystery are on the road when ghostly purple energy causes their van to break down in front of a spooky mansion. Inside they are greeted and then attacked by floating flames, singing ghosts, haunted suits of armor and living portraits. One of the portraits opens a trap door beneath the gang’s feet.

Are the mystery skulls animations official?

Mystery Skulls Animated is a series of official animated music videos for Mystery Skulls’ songs. Alternate terms for it include Mystery Skulls: Ghost and MSA.

Who are the mystery skull characters?


  • Lewis Pepper.
  • Vivi Yukino.
  • Reverb.
  • Mushi.

Who owns Mystery Skulls?

Luis Dubuc
Luis Alberto Dubuc Jr.

Luis Dubuc
Luis Dubuc performing as Mystery Skulls in Dallas
Background information
Born January 28, 1985 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Origin Dallas, Texas, United States

Where is Mystery Skulls from?

Dallas, TXMystery Skulls / Origin

How tall is Lewis mystery skulls?

about 7 Foot 3 Inches tall
According to this height reference, Lewis is about 7 Foot 3 Inches tall (hair not included).

Is Mysteryben part of Mystery Skulls?

“Ben Mangum” (more commonly referred as “Mystery Ben”) is the creator and lead animator of Mystery Skulls Animated. He previously went by the alias “Pyro Wolf” and ran Cyber Moon Studios, an amateur internet animation group.

Where are Mystery Skulls from?

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