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Who has scored the most against Chelsea?

Who has scored the most against Chelsea?

#1 Sergio Aguero – 15 goals The five-time Premier League winner, who retired this year due to heart arrhythmia, scored goals galore during his career. That includes 15 strikes against Chelsea – the joint-most he netted against a single club (also Newcastle United).

How many times did Henry score against Chelsea?

Cudicini then revealed just how highly he thought of Gunners hero Henry, who scored eight goals in 10 league appearances against Chelsea.

Did Van Persie win the Premier League with Arsenal?

In his first season in Manchester, Van Persie scored 30 goals in 48 appearances in all competitions. But after so many barren years with Arsenal, it was the Premier League title he was after, and his goals made that record-breaking 20th title win possible.

Is Van Persie a United legend?

ROBIN VAN PERSIE named the six best players he played with in his career – and four of them were Manchester United legends. The former Arsenal captain, who spent his last three seasons in England at Old Trafford, retired from football at the age of 35.

Is Chelsea bigger than Liverpool?

If you base global popularity on social media, Chelsea are the bigger club. They outnumber Liverpool when it comes to followers on Instagram (8.3 million to 3.7 million), Twitter (7.86 million to 6.72 million) and also Facebook likes on the official pages (47.3 million to 29.5 million).

Which player has scored the most goals against Arsenal?

#1 Wayne Rooney – 15 goals Wayne Rooney is one of the greatest goalscorers in Premier League history; he is one of only two players to score over 200 goals in the competition.

What did RVP win?

Assistant Manager

Titles and season
1x Dutch Super Cup winner
2019 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1x World Cup third place
2014 Netherlands

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