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Who is in the cast of Take Me Out?

Who is in the cast of Take Me Out?

Take Me Out Cast & Creative

  • Jesse Williams. Darren Lemming.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Mason Marzac.
  • Michael Oberholtzer. Shane Mungitt.
  • Patrick Adams. Kippy Sunderstorm.
  • Julian Cihi. Takeshi Kawabata.
  • Brandon J. Dirden. Davey Battle.
  • Tyler Lansing Weaks. Jason Chenier.
  • Eduardo Ramos. Rodriguez.

Who is in the cast of the minutes?

The cast of THE MINUTES includes Ian Barford, Blair Brown, Cliff Chamberlain, K. Todd Freeman, Tracy Letts, Danny McCarthy, Jessie Mueller, Sally Murphy, Austin Pendleton, Noah Reid, Jeff Still.

Was Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Broadway?

He made his Broadway debut at the age of 21 as Chip in George C. Wolfe’s revival of On The Town. He later went on to originate the role of Leaf Coneybear in Second Stage’s Tony Award®-winning Broadway musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Drama Desk Award, “Outstanding Ensemble Performance”).

Who stars in the minutes on Broadway?

The Minutes Cast & Creative

  • Tracy Letts. Mayor Superba.
  • Jessie Mueller. Ms. Johnson.
  • Ian Barford. Mr. Carp.
  • Sally Murphy. Ms. Matz.
  • Noah Reid. Mr. Peel.
  • Blair Brown. Ms. Innes.
  • K. Todd Freeman. Mr. Blake.
  • Austin Pendleton. Mr. Oldfield.

Who is Darren Lemming?

Darren Lemming is the play’s central character. He is the center fielder for the Empires, an excellent player on a team that has won the World Series twice in a row.

Who plays Darren Lemming in Take Me Out?

Jesse Williams
I’m not sure whether (5) counts as one tool or many, but “Take Me Out” gives meaty roles to a team of actors, led in this Second Stage Theater production by Jesse Williams as Lemming and Jesse Tyler Ferguson as his fanboy business manager.

Who is Mr Peel in the minutes?

Notable casts

Character Chicago Premiere 2017 Original Broadway 2022
Mr. Peel Cliff Chamberlain Noah Reid
Mayor Superba William Petersen Tracy Letts
Mr. Hanratty Danny McCarthy
Ms. Johnson Brittany Burch Jessie Mueller

Who wrote the minutes play?

Tracy LettsThe Minutes / Playwright

Is Take me out a true story?

Take Me Out premiered in London in 2002. Greenberg was inspired by the stories of baseball players who came out only to teammates during their career, or to the public after retirement, but noted that no Major League Baseball player had ever come out to the public while actively playing.

How long is the minutes on Broadway?

One hour and 30 minutes
One hour and 30 minutes with no intermission. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

What is play the minute about?

In 2018, Letts was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, losing to Cost of Living by Martyna Majok….The Minutes (play)

The Minutes
Place premiered Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago
Original language English
Genre Comedy
Setting A city council meeting room in Big Cherry; November

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