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Who is Molly in The L Word?

Who is Molly in The L Word?

Clementine Shepherd Ford
Clementine Shepherd Ford (born June 29, 1979) is an American actress known for her appearance as Molly Kroll on Showtime’s The L Word. In April 2009, she joined the cast of the soap opera The Young and the Restless in the role of Mackenzie Browning. She left the show in 2010.

Who does Phyllis end up with in the L word?

Leonard Kroll
She is married to Leonard Kroll and has two daughters, Molly and Sophie. Upon her introduction in The L Word season 4, Molly is a junior at Vassar College and Sophie is a freshman at Bennington College.

Is Cybill Shepherd’s daughter an actress?

Clementine Ford
Molly Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim
Cybill Shepherd/Daughters

Is Clementine Ford Cybill Shepherd’s daughter?

Clementine Ford was born to actress Cybill Shepherd and her first husband, David Ford, in Memphis, Tennessee in 1979. Her parents divorced when she was still a baby, and Cybill went back to California to restart her acting career, becoming a celebrated television star on Moonlighting (1985).

Who was Paige in The L Word?

Kristanna Loken
Paige Sobel is a recurring character in seasons four and five of The L Word. She is portrayed by Kristanna Loken and debuts in “Layup”.

Is Cybill Shepherd married now?

Bruce Oppenheimm. 1987–1990
David M. Fordm. 1978–1982
Cybill Shepherd/Spouse

What did Shane do to Jenny?

Shane ignores her friends’ pleas for her to dump Jenny because she feels an obligation to Jenny. Shane starts sleeping with Niki. Jenny tells her she does not care, but makes her feel guilty about it. Shane has a chance meeting with Molly, who informs her about the letter she gave Jenny.

Why was Cybill Cancelled?

Despite critical praise and strong ratings, CBS abruptly cancelled the show at the end of its fourth season. In her autobiography, Cybill Shepherd attributes this to increasing backstage tensions between the cast and crew, as well as the network’s displeasure with the show’s feminist leanings.

How many grandchildren does Cybill Shepherd have?

She continued, “That diagnosis of my daughter Clementine was one of the most difficult days of my life, but she’s doing great right now and I have two grandchildren.”

Who are Cybill Shepherd’s children?

Molly Ariel Shepherd-OppenheimCyrus Zachariah Shepherd-Oppenheim
Cybill Shepherd/Children

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