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Who is the soccer announcer that yells goal?

Who is the soccer announcer that yells goal?

Andrés Cantor
Andrés Cantor (born December 22, 1962) is an Argentine-American sportscaster and pundit who works in the United States providing Spanish-language commentary and analysis in sports. Cantor is well known among English-speakers for his narration of soccer matches and shouting “¡Gol!” when one is scored.

Why do Mexican soccer announcers yell goal?

I’ve never timed myself, it just goes on the merit and importance of the goal I am calling.” Galvao Bueno, a famous sportscasters in Brazil, compared the cry it to “a tenor’s high C,” which is one of the most difficult notes a tenor’s voice can hold. “It’s your crowning achievement,” said Bueno.

Who is the famous soccer announcer?

Jim Beglin. Jim Beglin used to be a well-known footballer of Liverpool FC, Leed Utd and other clubs. He is one of very few Premier League commentators that played football professionally by himself. He is known for the great ability to read the game, as well as technical analysis.

Why do football commentators scream goal?

In 1958, columnist Max Gehringer wrote that Swedish football fans in the stadium turned to where Brazilian sportscaster Edson Leite was positioned every time a goal was scored just to watch him scream “GOOOOOOOL”.

Who is Nico Cantor?

Meet ‘The Golazo Show’ and its first host, Nico Cantor. He’s the son of legendary broadcaster Andres Cantor, who has covered World Cups, Olympic Games and a number of other major football events throughout his famed career with Telemundo Deportes, NBC Sports and other outlets.

How do Mexicans say goal?

Gol is the Spanish word for goal.

Why do foreign commentators shout goal?

The cries that originated all over Latin America were then carried over to other European countries. Spain-based commentators since have adopted the celebration, and German broadcasters have their own version in which they scream “TOOOOOR” (“Tor” is German for “goal”).

Who are the ITV football commentators?

Since 2015, ITV’s main football host is Mark Pougatch. Previous presenters of ITV’s football coverage include Jim Rosenthal (1983–88), Elton Welsby (1988–92), Matthew Lorenzo (1993–94), Bob Wilson (1994–99), Des Lynam (1999–2004), Gabby Logan (2004–06), Steve Rider (2006–10) and Adrian Chiles (2010–14).

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