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Who is the Sonic guy?

Who is the Sonic guy?

They are Peter Grosz and T.J. Jagodowski, and they’re comedians. They’re also the Sonic Guys. They’re the two guys sitting in their car in the Sonic commercials you may never have seen discussing various menu items and arguing over what’s better, what’s the best, and what they want.

Are the Sonic guys fired?

Jagodowski and Peter Grosz who had bantered about the drive-thru chain in popular ads that began in 2002 — were phased out and replaced with four different real-life families. Along with the new campaign, the brand reworked its visual elements and the physical locations of its restaurants.

Who are the new Sonic guys?

So, what are Jagodowski and Grosz up to when they’re not chowing down on fast food together? Before they ever worked with Sonic, the two made a name for themselves as actors, comedians, and improvers. Jagodowski, especially, was praised for his improv skills by the Chicago Improv Festival.

Who is the hot guy in the Sonic commercial?

Peter Grosz
Peter Grosz is an American actor and television writer. He is most recognizable for appearing in Sonic Drive-In’s “Two Guys” commercials, in which he appears as the straight man in a double act with improvisational comedian T. J….Television.

Year 2012–2019
Title Veep
Role Sidney Purcell
Notes 12 episodes

Where are the 2 Sonic guys?

Even without their commercial careers, Sonic’s Two Guys have been getting plenty of work. Jagodowski is currently voice acting in the audio comedy Escape from Virtual Island alongside the likes of Paul Rudd, Kenan Thompson, and Jane Krakowski, and Grosz is writing for At Home with Amy Sedaris (via IMDB).

How much are the Sonic guys worth?

Jagodowski is an American actor and comedian who has a net worth of $600 thousand. T.J. Jagodowski was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts in September 1971. He has been a member of The Second City and a teacher and performer at iO….T. J. Jagodowski Net Worth.

Net Worth: $600 Thousand
Profession: Actor, Comedian
Nationality: United States of America

What happens to the Sonic guys?

Why did the Sonic guys get fired?

In February of this year Forbes reported that Sonic is once again bidding farewell to Jagodowski and Grosz. The drive-in giant decided to shift its focus to a more realistic portrayal of the restaurant’s customer base. Sonic isn’t getting rid of the improvisational spirit that the Two Guys introduced.

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