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Who made Wizards 1977?

Who made Wizards 1977?

Ralph Bakshi
Wizards is a 1977 American animated post-apocalyptic science fantasy film written, directed and produced by Ralph Bakshi and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Who drew Wizards?

Over the next 11 years, Bakshi directed seven additional animated features. He is well known for such films as Wizards (1977), The Lord of the Rings (1978), American Pop (1981), and Fire and Ice (1983).

When did the movie Wizards come out?

February 9, 1977 (USA)Wizards / Release date

Is Wizards a good movie?

Wizards is far more than a simple animated curiosity, but a surprisingly dark, dangerous, and compelling piece of fantasy. Bakshi’s filmmaking is sloppy and slapdash at times, to be sure, but it is also uncompromising. June 22, 2012 | Rating: 55/100 | Full Review…

Who is a famous wizard?

MERLIN. Probably the most famous wizard in all of popular culture — yes, even eclipsing Harry Potter — Merlin’s greatest feat was helping Arthur Pendragon find a very nice sword (Excalibur) and an even nicer cup (the Holy Grail).

How old is Ralph Bakshi?

83 years (October 29, 1938)Ralph Bakshi / Age

What are some wizards from movies?

Gandalf The Grey & 9 Other Most Powerful Movie Wizards

  1. 1 Merlin (The Sword In The Stone)
  2. 2 Gandalf The Gray (Lord Of The Rings)
  3. 3 Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
  4. 4 Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange)
  5. 5 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
  6. 6 Merlin (Excalibur)
  7. 7 Jafar (Aladdin)
  8. 8 Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

How do you pronounce Bakshi?

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