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Who owns Vitesse FC?

Who owns Vitesse FC?

SBV Vitesse

Full name Stichting Betaald Voetbal Vitesse
Owner Valeriy Oyf
Chairman Henk Parren
Head coach Thomas Letsch
League Eredivisie

What league is SBV Vitesse?

SBV Vitesse/Leagues

Why was Vitesse abandoned?

An Eredivise League game between Vitesse – Sparta Rotterdam was abandoned on Friday, after Maduka Okoye was hit by a water bottle thrown from the crowd. The Super Eagles goalkeeper was first almost attacked by a Vittesse fan and was later hit by a bottle after putting up a man of the match display.

Where does Vitesse come from?

Vitesse, based in Arnhem, was founded in 1892. From that time until Karel Aalbers became president of the club in 1984, Vitesse was a small club in Dutch football. He was already a Vitesse fan before 1984 and and his goal upon becoming president was to lead the club to the top of the Eredivisie and Europe.

Which Country Club is Vitesse?


Competition Area Total
Eerste Divisie Netherlands 2
KNVB Beker Netherlands 1
Total 3

What happened in Vitesse vs Sparta?

Sparta Rotterdam keeper confronted by fan and hit by object as game abandoned. Madness in the Netherlands. The match which saw Vitesse take on Sparta Rotterdam had to be suspended in added time after the keeper was struck by an object thrown from the stand. One of them which hit him.

Why was Sparta Rotterdam Cancelled?

According to a statement issued by the Eredivisie, the league’s governing body, the match was discontinued due to multiple crowd troubles, including the use of flares. Okoye’s Sparta Rotterdam was leading 1-0 when tension boiled over, chiefly due to the superb performance from the goalkeeper.

Are Chelsea and Vitesse linked?

It’s been a partnership built on connections, specifically between Vitesse owner Valeri Oyf and his Chelsea counterpart Roman Abramovich. The pair have known eachother since college and Oyf – via Millhouse Capital – manages Abramovich’s financial assets.

Where is Vitesse soccer team from?

Arnhem, NetherlandsSBV Vitesse / Location

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Why was the match between Vitesse and Sparta Rotterdam abandoned?

“The match between Vitesse and Sparta has been stopped at a 0-1 score tonight [March 4, 2022] due to disturbances from the [home] public. This was done after consultation of the referee with both clubs,” read part of their statement, per Goal.

What happened to Vitesse vs Sparta?

The Eredivisie game between Vitesse and Sparta Rotterdam was suspended in added time after a plastic cup with beer in hit the away goalkeeper Maduka Okoye on the head.

Does Abramovich own Vitesse?

Oyf has had shares in Vitesse since 2010 but became majority shareholder in 2018. He is known to be a friend of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich who has been placed on the British sanctions list, stalling his own efforts to sell the London club.

Is Vitesse a Chelsea B team?

Vitesse came to be characterised as “Chelsea B”, due to the number of players the Premier League club sent them on loan.

Does Roman own Vitesse?

The Dutch Football Association has investigated twice, in 2010 and 2015, finding that although the original funder of the Vitesse purchase and current owner, Alexander Chigirinsky, is a friend and associate of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea’s Russian oligarch owner, there is no common management or ownership of the clubs.

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