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Who was Deena Jones based on?

Who was Deena Jones based on?

Diana Ross
As much as Deena Jones, Beyoncé Knowles’ character in “Dreamgirls,” was modeled on Diana Ross, the film’s main character, Effie White, was based on Etta James, according to composer Henry Krieger. Similarities to Aretha Franklin, however, are also hardly coincidental.

How old was Deena Jones?

Knowles’s dowdy look does not remain, as the musical follows the rise of her character’s group, The Dreamgirls, over several decades. After Deena Jones begins, in the film, at age 16, the character blossoms into a beauty.

Who was Deena Jones?

Casts of notable productions

Character 1981 Broadway 2001 Concert
Deena Jones Sheryl Lee Ralph Audra McDonald
Lorrell Robinson Loretta Devine Heather Headley
Curtis Taylor Jr. Ben Harney Norm Lewis
James “Thunder” Early Cleavant Derricks Billy Porter

Who was Deena from Dreamgirls?

Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles as Deena Jones; based upon Motown star and lead Supremes member Diana Ross and two former Supremes members Jean Terrell and Scherrie Payne, Deena is a very shy young woman who becomes a star after Curtis makes her lead singer of the Dreams.

Did Florence Ballard and Berry Gordy have a relationship?

FLORENCE Ballard was never romantically involved with Berry Gordy. They were barely even friends. Diana Ross set her sights on Berry Gordy from the moment she met him. Their affair lasted 10 years and produced a daughter.

Is Dreamgirls based on real life?

The movie, based on the 1981 Broadway play, tells the story of a small black record label and its star singers whose success crosses over to the pop charts. Although loosely based on The Supremes, the movie is a work of fiction. The real story of the 1960s girl groups, however, changed American music forever.

Who is Diana Ross husband?

Arne Naess, Jr.m. 1985–2000
Robert Ellis Silbersteinm. 1971–1977
Diana Ross/Husband

Did Deena and Curtis sleep together?

With Deena in the lead, the new group, the Dreams, is a success, but Effie begins to rebel, and the group starts quarreling. Effie begins to have violent outbursts and accuses Deena of sleeping with Curtis. Eventually, Curtis drops her from the group and replaces her with another girl.

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