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Who won EPT 9?

Who won EPT 9?

Grzegorz Glowny
The former EPT champions Dimitar Danchev and Hossein Ensan were eliminated on the penultimate day, missing out on the chance to become the third two-time champion of the popular live poker series….2021 EPT Prague €5,300 Main Event Final Table Results.

Place 1
Winner Grzegorz Glowny
Country Poland
Prize (in EUR) €692,252*

Who won EPT 11?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Wins PokerStars EPT Prague €2,200 Eureka High Roller (€343,750) | PokerNews.

How much does it cost to enter EPT?

The EPT Online series will feature 20 events with buy-ins ranging from $215 to $25,000 and a low buy-in companion series running alongside with buy-ins starting at $2.20 and going up to $215.

Who won EPT 10?

2020 EPT Online The Main Event, which had a $5 million guaranteed prize pool, attracted 1,304 entries. The final prize pool came to $6.52 million, of which $1,019,082 went to the eventual winner “WhatIfGod”, with Timothy Adams finishing as runner-up.

Does EPT still exist?

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How do you buy an EPT?

Visit the Registration desk with your PSLive Card to buy-in. For EPT Sochi, players wishing to register using cash should first purchase chips and then buy-in using chips at the registration desk. COM/EU/UK/FR Stars Account holders can buy-in before an event by going to the ‘Events’ > ‘Live’ lobby in the game client.

Where is EPT Prague?

the King’s Casino Prague
Running from March 5-16, poker players from all over the world will flock to the King’s Casino Prague, Hilton Prague Hotel to take part in the first instalment of the EPT 2022 season.

What happened to the EPT poker?

In 2017, the series was discontinued and rebranded as the PokerStars Championship. However, this only lasted one year and the EPT returned in 2018.

Is EPT legal?

Yes, expedited partner therapy (EPT) is legal. Since 2001, California law has allowed medical providers the option of using EPT for treatment of sex partners of patients diagnosed with chlamydia.

How does expedited partner therapy work?

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