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Who won the Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam 2003?

Who won the Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam 2003?

Elimination Chamber entrances and eliminations

Eliminated Wrestler Eliminated by
3 Shawn Michaels Goldberg
4 Chris Jericho Goldberg
5 Goldberg Triple H
Winner Triple H (c)

Who was in the second Elimination Chamber match?

Elimination Chamber II

Elimination # Wrestler Time
1 Kevin Nash 8:05
2 Randy Orton 13:01
3 Shawn Michaels 15:19
4 Chris Jericho 16:03

Was Goldberg in the Elimination Chamber?

Goldberg and Reigns kicked off the main card of the Elimination Chamber event. While Goldberg did hit two spears in the match, Reigns ultimately got Goldberg to pass out in a guillotine choke to retain his championship.

When did the Undertaker win the Elimination Chamber?

2008 – The Undertaker The match was pretty standard with ‘Taker and Batista as the obvious stand out stars. Both men started the match and outlasted the others participants to remain as the final two. The Deadman picked up the win with a Tombstone to the Animal for his first and only win inside the Chamber.

Who was in the first-ever Elimination Chamber?

Since its inception in 2002, there have been 28 instances of the match to date. If you’re wondering about the winner of the first-ever Chamber match, we’ve got you covered. Who won the first-ever WWE Elimination Chamber match? It was none other than the Hearbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

How did Roman beat Goldberg?

In a first-time-ever match, Roman Reigns defeated Goldberg at WWE Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia on Saturday to retain the Universal Championship. The Tribal Chief continued his historic run by making Goldberg pass out via a guillotine choke.

Did Roman Reigns defeat Goldberg?

Roman Reigns defeats Goldberg to retain the WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber 2022. Later on in the show, Brock Lesnar won the Elimination Chamber match to become the new WWE Champion.

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