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Who wrote on and on by Stephen Bishop?

Who wrote on and on by Stephen Bishop?

Stephen BishopOn And On / LyricistEarl Stephen Bishop is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and guitarist. His biggest hits include “On and On”, “It Might Be You” and “Save It for a Rainy Day”. He has appeared in and contributed musically to many motion pictures, including National Lampoon’s Animal House. Wikipedia

Who originally sang the song on and on?

Stephen Bishop
“On and On” is a song by American singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop. The song, from his debut album Careless, became a major hit, peaking at number 11 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and spending 28 weeks on the chart….On and On (Stephen Bishop song)

“On and On”
B-side “Little Italy”
Released May 1977
Recorded 1976
Genre Soft rock

What songs did Stephen Bishop write?

However, Stephen achieved his greatest success composing songs for a handful of movies which include “The China Syndrome,” “Roadie,” “Summer Lovers,” “Tootsie,” “Unfaithfully Yours,” “Micki & Maude,” “The Money Pit,” “The Boy Who Could Fly,” “Heart & Souls,” “How to Deal,” and “The Hitcher.” “Separate Lives,” Bishop’s …

Who rode the motorcycle up the stairs in Animal House?

actor Bruce McGill
Veteran character actor Bruce McGill, perhaps best known for his turn as the motorcycle-riding Daniel Simpson “D-Day” Day in the 1978 comedy classic National Lampoon’s Animal House, has listed his Ojai residence for sale at $1.675 million.

How old is Stephen Bishop?

51 years (September 14, 1970)Stephen Bishop / Age

What is Stephen Bishop’s biggest hit?

# 1 – On And On. We close out our top 10 Stephen Bishop songs list with the songwriters’ highest charting single of his career entitled “On And One.” This was just one of those songs you fell in love with instantly.

Who wrote it might be you?

Dave GrusinIt Might Be You / Composer

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