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Why did Daragang Magayon died?

Why did Daragang Magayon died?

Upon his victory, Magayon ran to embrace her lover. As Magayon ran toward her lover, an arrow shot by one of Pagtuga’s warriors struck Panganoron, killing him. Magayon held Panganoron as he died in her arms.

What kind of person is Daragang Magayon?

Magayon grew up to be a very beautiful and sweet woman that struck the swains from faraway tribes who vied for her attention. But not one of these young men have captivated the heart of Magayon, not even the handsome but haughty Pagtuga (eruption). He is a hunter and the chief of the Iriga tribe.

Who Rescued Magayon from drowning in the river?

One day, while bathing, Magayon slipped on the rocks. As she did not know how to swim, she shouted for help. Fortunately, a man named Pangaronon (or Ulap in other versions) was passing by the river and heard Magayon’s plea for help. He saved her from drowning.

What is the summary of Daragang Magayon?

It tells the story of a young woman, Daragang Magayon, who fell in love with an outsider, Panganoron, who had saved her from drowning. Paratuga, a rejected suitor, kidnapped the young woman’s father and demanded her hand in marriage as ransom. Not that Daragang Magayon was a woman of unquestionable virtues.

Where was Daragang Magayon staged?

Featuring performances from the dance group E-Dance Theater — with Ea Torrado as Magayon and Victor Maguad as Ulap — “Daragang Magayon” will be staged on Friday night at the CCP Main Theater.

Who is the father of Daragang Magayon?

Pagtuga kidnapped Magayon’s father, Makusog, and asked Magayon to be his wife so he’ll set Makusog free. Panganoron knew about the situation so he asked his warriors to join him in the war with Pagtuga in the mountains. The war was fierce and breathtaking. The people and Magayon watched the war between the two of them.

Who are the characters of Daragang Magayon?


  • Daragang Magayon. – lovely daughter of Rajah Makusog in Ibalon.
  • Panganoron. – brave son of a Rajah from a far-off Tagalog region.
  • Pagtuga – great but arrogant hunter and chieftain from Iriga.
  • Rajah Makusog – wanted happiness for his daughter.
  • Linog – Pagtuga’s henchman.

Who are the witnessed how Magayon died with her lover?

Her father and tribesmen witnessed how Magayon died with her lover. Her father buried them as days, months, and years passed when they noticed something about the place where Makusog buried the lovers. It started to shape like a volcano and when the people saw it, Makusog named it Mt. Mayon, after her daughter’s name.

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