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Why do Japanese iphones have shutter sound?

Why do Japanese iphones have shutter sound?

This is because the Japanese authority wants to prevent anyone from capturing the photos of other individuals without their permission. So, if you are trying to photograph someone in Japan, shutter sound will let the person know about it.

Why can’t you turn off camera sound in Japan?

“This was done to prevent camera phones from being used in ways offensive to public morals. We continue to request handset manufacturers use the shutter sound,” the spokesperson continued.

How do you turn off the shutter sound on a Japanese android phone?

Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Android

  1. Open the default camera app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the Settings (gear/cogwheel) icon at the top.
  3. Once in the Camera settings, scroll down until you found a setting labeled Shutter sound.
  4. Turn off the toggle next to Shutter sound.

Why camera shutter is on in Japan?

Why not turn it off, you ask? In Japan, that shutter sound cannot be disabled because of privacy concerns. Remember, Japan is the birthplace of the camera phone. And, unfortunately, it’s also the birthplace of creeps taking photos with their phones that they shouldn’t be taking, like up a woman’s skirt.

Does iPhone 13 Japan have shutter sound?

An iPhone manufactured for the Japanese market will always have a shutter sound, there is no way around that.

Why is Japan phone shutter sound?

And, unfortunately, it’s also the birthplace of creeps taking photos with their phones that they shouldn’t be taking, like up a woman’s skirt. As a result, mobile phone carriers in Japan worked with mobile phone manufacturers to make the annoying shutter sound standard (and irremovable) on all phones.

Why do Japanese phones have shutter sound?

Is Japanese iPhone different?

Cellular differences The iPhone has two major bands, GSM and CDMA. The Japanese variants can be swapped in the US and elsewhere. But, due to mobile radio band differences, if you need a significant phone repair, Apple doesn’t swap Chinese variants for a new one except in China.

How do I turn off the camera shutter sound?

Navigate to and open the Camera app, and then tap the Settings icon. Swipe to and tap the switch next to Shutter sound to disable it.

Why do Japanese phones have camera noise?

The reality is that all smartphones that are sold in Japan need to have the camera shutter sound on by default and it can’t be turned off. Why? The goal is to prevent people from taking photos from others without their permission. Thus, if you get a photo taken secretly, the camera makes a sound so you can notice it.

Can I use my Japanese iPhone in America?

All replies As long as the device is unlocked for use on other carriers, it should work with American providers.

Do Korean phones have shutter sound?

Korea has a law that mandates all phone cameras make loud shutter sounds (that can’t be muted) whenever photos are taken.

Is Japan made iPhone original?

All replies. All iPhones are assembled in China, however certain models destined for sale in certain countries or regions may have limitations to comply with local laws. If it has a “J” before the “/” It was intended for sale in Japan and the camera shutter sound cannot be turned off.

How do you know if iPhone is US or Japan?

Go to Settings > General > About > Model Look for the two letters before the slash (/) because that is significant to find out the country of origin of your iPhone. If the last two letters before the slash are ‘LL’ (see image below) then your iPhone’s country of origin is USA.

How do I turn off the shutter sound on my Android Camera?

Is Japan iPhone locked?

The Japanese Government decided to crack down on the anti-competitive practice of phone-locking with a new law enacted in May 2015. This hasn’t stopped the big carriers selling carrier-locked handsets, but the difference is, if you ask them to unlock your phone, they must comply.

Are Japanese iPhones factory unlocked?

Technically, at the time iPhones are shipped from their factory to retail stores in Japan, phones are unlocked (“SIMフリー”/SIM-Free in Japanese).

Do iphones in Korea have shutter sound?

If you own a Japanese or Korean iPhone and facing the iPhone camera shutter sound won’t turn off issue, then we recommend using iToolab iMute software. The reliable program will instantly turn off the Japanese/Korean iPhone camera noise without putting the storage data into harm with hard code.

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