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Why is Sundara Kandam important?

Why is Sundara Kandam important?

The work depicts the adventures of Hanuman and his selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama are emphasized in the text. Hanuman was fondly called “Sundara” by his mother Anjani and Sage Valmiki chose this name over others as the Sundara Kanda is about Hanuman’s journey to Lanka….

Sundara Kanda
Language Sanskrit

When should I read Sundara Kandam?

Read the entire Sundara Kanda once in ONE full day. Read Chapter 1-35 on the first day and the rest of the chapters in the SECOND day. Read Chapter 1-37 on the first day, 37-40 on the second day and the rest on the THIRD day.

Can we do Sundara Kanda Parayanam in the evening?

When and how should it be recited? Chant in the evening around sunset approx 5–7 PM.

What happens in Sundara Kanda?

Sundara Kanda / Sundara Kandam depicts the adventures of Hanuman. Hanuman was lovingly called Sundara by his mother Anjani and this kand deals primarily with Hanuman’s journey to Lanka and his selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama.

Can we read Sunderkand daily?

Sunderkand plays a vital role in improving the financial condition of a person. It protects oneself against diseases and ensures good health. Reciting sunderkand daily takes away all your fears. It makes you more confident, and you stop scaring from things that hardly matters in life.

How long is Sundara Kandam?

Sundara Kandam comprises of 2885 slokas or verses spread in 68 chapters. I will give a brief account of the story for you to ascertain the context.

How many Sargam are there in Sundara Kandam?

There are a total of 70 songs in Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam – Sundarakanda – Sarga 1 – 68.

Why is Sundara Kanda beautiful?

In Sundara Kaada, though one does not see Sri Rama until the end, the story of Sri Rama is heard a number of times which makes it more beautiful. Below is a famous verse from Sundara Kanda is another example of Rama’s name invoked by Hanuman when he is about to announce himself to Sita.

Which day is good for Sunderkand?

Devotees believe that reading the Sundar Kand on Tuesday or Saturday – both days considered to be auspicious by Hanuman devotees – fetches maximum blessings. Sundar Kand paath pathan (reading) rids one’s house of negative energy and evil presences if any.

What should I wear in Sunderkand?

Before reciting Sunderkand, devotees should take a bath and wear clean clothes. Light a lamp by offering a garland on the photo or statue of Hanumanji and Shri Ram and offer good channa or laddus in the bhog.

What are the benefits of reading Sundara Kanda?

People who do not have even time to read full Sundara Kanda, Could read this “Samkshepa Sundara Kanda (Sundara Kanda in brief) and be benefited. It is written that reading this would cure illnesses, give long life, bring to an end enmity, and lead to all round happiness and well being.

How to read Sundara Kandam 4 times?

4 readings of Sundara Kandam can be done by the devotees by reading 10 chapters a day for 27 days and completing it by reading the balance 2 chapters on the 28th day. The text can also be recited twice, with the reading of 8 chapters per day and completing on the 17th day.

Is there an exact procedure for reading Sundarakanda?

But there is no exact procedure for reading Sundarakanda . Thanks for reading !! What is the speciality of Sundara Kanda? Many reasons.. to list a few.. It is the only kandam…

Is Sundara Kanda the greatest chapter in Ramayana?

Similar to the fact that God Rama is the greatest among Devas, similar to the fact that Kalpaga tree is greatest among trees, similar to the fact that the Kousthubha Gem is greatest among gems, in Ramayana, Sundara Kanda is the greatest chapter.

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