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Will the Houston Marathon happen?

Will the Houston Marathon happen?

A. Yes! The 2022 Virtual Houston Marathon Running Events will count as a finish towards both Legacy and 5-9 Year totals as long as you submit your finish time and proof of finish by the deadline, Monday, Jan.

How do you qualify for the Houston Marathon?

Minimum Times Standard for Local Elite Qualifying Races

Qualifying Races Chevron Houston Marathon Space City 10 Miler
Female Open 3:05:30 1:08:04
F40 3:15:25 1:10:19
F50 3:40:19 1:17:06
F60 4:13:05 1:27:57

How much does it cost to enter the Houston Marathon?

Our 51st Annual Chevron Houston Marathon, 22nd Annual Aramco Houston Half Marathon and the We Are Houston 5K presented by Aramco and Chevron will be in-person in 2023!…2023 Registration Schedule and Pricing.

OPEN REGISTRATION Tier 1 Pricing Open Jan. 16
Marathon $140
Half Marathon $125
Tier 2 Pricing
Marathon $150

Is the Houston Marathon flat?

The Chevron Houston Marathon offers participants a unique running experience in America’s fourth largest city. The fast, flat, scenic single-loop course has been ranked as the “fastest winter marathon” and “second fastest marathon overall” by Ultimate Guide To Marathons.

What is the date of the Houston Marathon 2021?

2021 Event Update: Chevron Houston Marathon COVID-19 Update At this time, we are continuing to prepare for our events on January 15-17, 2021 with the understanding that the safety and well-being of our runners, volunteers, and spectators is our top priority.

Is Houston Marathon flat?

Flat, fast course. Houston is known for its flat terrain and producing both personal and course records.

Is Houston Marathon a Boston qualifier?

Yes! The Boston Marathon accepts qualifying times from the Chevron Houston Marathon. Qualifying times for the Boston Marathon vary by age group.

What is a respectable marathon?

So, for a man, anything under 4 hours could be considered a good marathon time, putting you in the top 43% of runners. For women, a time under 4 hours and 30 minutes would similarly be very good.

Is Houston Marathon a flat course?

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