Kyoto2 a framework for an effective, efficient, equitable Climate Agreement
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The IPCC has spoken. Now what?. Published in The Ecologist October 2013.
Coal in Africa. Published in Whydah September 2013, the Magazine of the African Academy of Scienes. Full publication.
Kyoto2 published as e-book! Buy now: Kindle edition or generic edition from Zed Books.
Regular book still available here

E-book                   Regular book.
The Real Deal with George Galloway ( The OT interview comes at the end of the 3 June 2011 edition, broadcast on Press TV. "Are we all doomed?" Well yes, but ...
Duncan Clark's Five Books - the environmentalist Duncan Clark chooses Kyoto2 as one of his five must-read books on climate change, 2 June 2011.
George Monbiot backs Kyoto2 (again) in Cameron's 'green growth' policy looks naive today. It will look cynical in 2027 , published in the Guardian 24 May 2011.
The People's G20, 1 April 2009. Oliver Tickell's 10 min talk recorded for youtube by TheSpartacat, UEL, London.
Climate Radio logo Climate Radio's 300-350 Show interviews Kyoto2 architect Oliver Tickell in the run-up to the Poznan UNFCCC conference. Hear the Original Broadcast (20/11/08) and theSpecial Supplement (24/11/08). Interviews conducted by CR's Phil England.
Guardian logo On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction - there's no 'adaptation' to such steep warming, writes Oliver Tickell in The Guardian, 11 August 2008', triggering this commentisfree debate with Bjorn Lomborg. Followed on 4 September by Geo-engineers, too, have a vital role in saving the planet.
Kyoto2 book cover image Kyoto2 - the book published by Zed Books, July 2008. This is the full and definitive exposition of the Kyoto2 proposals. Find out more ...
Green Futures logo Science dictates that we need a 100% reduction in carbon emissions. Here's how to achieve it - writing for Green Futures, Oliver Tickell makes the case for controlling greenhouse gases ‘close to the source' via a groundbreaking new worldwide permits auction. Also published on China Dialogue.
George Monbiot portrait Green Lifeline - George Monbiot previews Kyoto2 (the book) in The Guardian and concludes that the K2 proposals "could represent a classic Keynesian solution to economic crisis. The $1, $2 or even $5 trillion the system would cost is used to kick-start a green industrial revolution ... "
Carbon Scenarios cover image Carbon Scenarios: Blue Sky Thinking for a Green Future The Stockholm Network's investigation of climate policy options puts a "Step Change" solution based on Kyoto2 at the head of the pack, winning on both effectiveness and economic benefit. Find out more ...
Panda Kyoto2 and Forestry - a short paper initially written as notes for presentations to the Oxford Forestry Society on 8 May 2007, and to the WWF-UK Forest Team on 27 July 2007, highlighting the solutions offered by the Kyoto2 approach to solve the problems of deforestation and forest degradation.
OFS logo
Resurgence logo Resurgence magazine presents the Kyoto2 proposals in the context of the Stern Report in Clarifying Climate Chaos, March / April 2007.
openDemocracy logo The Kyoto2 proposals are set forth in Climate change: the last chance.
BBC News logo On the day the IPCC publishes its Fourth Assessment Report, BBC News Green Room features Kyoto2 in Climate change: Time to get serious.
Ecologist logo The Ecologist introduces Kyoto2 in its January 2007 edition in Making preservation pay. Read the article and join the debate also hosted by The Ecologist.

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Kyoto2 is a framework for a new climate agreement under the Climate Convention (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change or UNFCCC), intended to replace the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012.

It aims to be:

The Kyoto package of measures is now available in its definitive form in the book Kyoto2 - how to manage the global greenhouse (Zed Books, July 2008). The Kyoto2 summary, as published, is available on this website.

Also see the In the media section of this website for links to articles about Kyoto2, book reviews, etc.

The original Kyoto2 paper, available in 3 parts, is also available on this website, but has been superceded in various respects and should not be considered definitive.

  1. Kyoto2 summary (as published in Kyoto2 the book)
  2. Existing approaches to regulating greenhouse gases (version of 31 January 2007)
  3. The Kyoto2 proposals (version of 31 January 2007)

Two Yahoo groups have been set up for Kyoto2. The Newsletter group is for infrequent one-way announcements and information, and the Discussion group is intended to facilitate exchange of ideas and information, and to allow members to raise questions and criticisms.


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