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Can I use filo pastry instead of spring roll wrappers?

Can I use filo pastry instead of spring roll wrappers?

You can use filo pastry to make these spring rolls, if you can’t get spring roll wrappers. While not exactly the same thing, they’re close enough that it’s totally worth making your own.

Is filo pastry suitable for spring rolls?

These baked vegetable spring rolls are packed with flavourful vegetables and are super crunchy and flaky on the outside. They are made with filo pastry and they are perfect for an appetizer, side or finger food!

Are spring roll wrappers the same as filo pastry?

Spring roll wrappers are made from wheat flour and water and are generally sold frozen. They are very thin and resemble filo pastry in appearance. They are generally sold in about 4-5 inch square package sizes.

What type of pastry do you use to make spring rolls?

filo pastry
Served hot or warm with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce, this summer spring roll is a hit at any lunch or dinner table. Made with fresh prawns and crunchy filo pastry.

How do you roll filo pastry spring rolls?

Place tablespoons of the vegetable filling in the lower centre of the filo pastry as you look at it. Fold the edges in and over the filling and then roll up into a cigar shape, tucking the pastry around the filling tightly to secure.

Can you use filo pastry instead of wonton wrappers?

You can substitute, but there is definitely a noticeable difference and I think you’ll appreciate why a good traditional recipe calls for a specific type. Saveur has a nice reference chart. Also, keep in mind that although phyllo is very thin and tends to tear, in many cases a small amount of tearing is no problem.

What is a Chinese spring roll?

In Chinese cuisine, spring rolls are savory rolls with cabbage and other vegetable fillings inside a thinly wrapped cylindrical pastry. They are usually eaten during the Spring Festival in mainland China, hence the name. Meat varieties, particularly pork, are also popular.

Can you use filo pastry for egg rolls?

For a lighter, flakier egg roll, you can use phyllo pastry instead of traditional egg roll wrappers, although you’ll need to cook the phyllo differently. But because you bake phyllo dough egg rolls instead of deep-fry them, they can be healthier than traditional egg rolls.

How do I cook filo spring rolls?


  1. Preheat the oven to 200ºC/fan180ºC/gas 6. Heat the wok over a high heat and add the oil, garlic, ginger and chilli, then stir-fry for 30 seconds.
  2. Place a spoonful of the veg mix at one end of a filo rectangle, in the centre.
  3. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden and crisp.

How do you make wontons with filo pastry?


  1. Cut the sheet of filo pastry in half and place your meat on it.
  2. Next keep folding it till the meat is covered.
  3. Then brush it with a little bit of egg and fold into a wonton, while you’re making your wontons add your oil into a wok and let it heat up.

What are Chinese spring roll wrappers made of?

Spring roll wrappers are the traditional choice for Vietnamese and Thai spring rolls. Made from a paste of rice flour and water that is stamped into bamboo mats and dried, rice paper wrappers are translucent, brittle, and delicate—meaning they can be difficult to work with.

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