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Can you move backwards in Trivial Pursuit?

Can you move backwards in Trivial Pursuit?

However, the next time you roll the die, you can decide to change direction and go the opposite way from your last move. You can make your way to the other side of the board by cutting across the middle along the spokes.

What does WC mean in Trivial Pursuit?

Yesterdays. Art & Culture. Created World. Games and Leisure. Trivial Pursuit All American Edition Master Game (1993)

What is the orange category in Trivial Pursuit?

Sports & Leisure
Questions are split into six categories, with each one having its own color to readily identify itself; in the classic version of Trivial Pursuit, the Geography category is blue, Entertainment is pink, History is yellow, Arts & Literature is originally brown, later purple, Science & Nature is green, and Sports & …

What is the hardest question in Trivial Pursuit?

12 Of The Hardest Trivial Pursuit Questions Of All Time

  1. Who was the official hair consultant to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?
  2. What is the scientific name for a rabbit’s tail?
  3. Who played bass guitar for The Beatles only for the group’s four appearances in December, 1960?

Is Trivial Pursuit hard?

Just challenging enough to be fun! 5.0 out of 5 stars It’s a laid back way to play trivial pursuit! Just challenging enough to be fun! the adult questions aren’t too hard; the kids’ questions aren’t too easy.

Can you move any direction in Trivial Pursuit?

Players can move clockwise or counterclockwise. Then, another player draws a trivia card and reads the question that corresponds with the color the player landed on. If the player answers the trivia question correctly, they get to roll again. Players keep rolling and answering questions until they get a question wrong.

How long is the timer in Trivial Pursuit?

By default, it is set to 30 seconds for a new Trivia Game. To adjust it, use the dropdown boxes to select how many minutes and seconds you would like the Question Timer to run for. Once you’ve selected a new duration, click the green Save button.

What are the 6 categories in Trivial Pursuit?

The Classic Edition of this Trivial Pursuit Game is the same gameplay you know and love, only with a 1980’s retro appearance! Featuring classic gameplay and gameboard, this game contains 2,400 questions in 6 categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure.

What happens when you roll a wedge in Trivial Pursuit?

Wedge Spaces There are six spaces around the board with a picture of a large colored wedge. If you answer a question correctly when you land on a wedge space, place a matching-colored scoring wedge into your scoring token! Then roll the die and take another turn.

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