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Can you use C++ in Lua?

Can you use C++ in Lua?

All C or C++ functions that will be called from Lua will be called using a pointer of this type: typedef int (*lua_CFunction) (lua_State *L); In other words, functions must have a Lua interpreter as the only argument and return only an integer.

How do I connect Lua to C++?

The simple 4-step process is:

  1. Create the context.
  2. Create shared variables and register them with the context.
  3. Compile the Lua script (from string, file, or multiple files in a folder).
  4. Run the script.

How do you call a function in C Lua?

Moreover, for a C function to be called from Lua, we must register it, that is, we must give its address to Lua in an appropriate way. When Lua calls a C function, it uses the same kind of stack that C uses to call Lua. The C function gets its arguments from the stack and pushes the results on the stack.

How does Lua functions work?

It means that, in Lua, a function is a value with the same rights as conventional values like numbers and strings. Functions can be stored in variables (both global and local) and in tables, can be passed as arguments, and can be returned by other functions.

What type of code is Lua?

What is Lua? Lua is a powerful, efficient, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. It supports procedural programming, object-oriented programming, functional programming, data-driven programming, and data description.

What is FFI Lua?

The FFI library allows calling external C functions and using C data structures from pure Lua code. The FFI library largely obviates the need to write tedious manual Lua/C bindings in C. No need to learn a separate binding language — it parses plain C declarations!

How do I return a function in Lua?

Function return values In most languages, functions always return one value. To use this, put comma-separated values after the return keyword: > f = function () >> return “x”, “y”, “z” — return 3 values >> end > a, b, c, d = f() — assign the 3 values to 4 variables.

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