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Did Phantoml0rd win the lawsuit?

Did Phantoml0rd win the lawsuit?

Former streamer James ‘Phantoml0rd’ Varga has won a legal battle with Twitch, following a lifetime platform ban.

What happened to own3D? has officially confirmed via its website that it will cease all operations on Thursday, January 31st. Founded in August 2009, enjoyed rapid growth in its first months as it provided the platform for players and teams from several different games to stream their matches live.

How much did Phantomlord make from lawsuit?

In April, the court ruled that Twitch had to pay Phantoml0rd $20,720.34 in damages, over a dispute which arose from Twitch’s decision to permanently ban the streamer in 2016.

What is against TOS Twitch?

Any content or activity that disrupts, interrupts, harms, or otherwise violates the integrity of Twitch services or another user’s experience or devices is prohibited. Such activity includes: Posting large amounts of repetitive, unwanted messages or user reports. Distributing unauthorized advertisements.

How old is PhantomL0rd?


Country of Birth United States
Birthday October 7, 1988 (age 33)
Residency NA North America

What happened to PhantomL0rd?

James “PhantomL0rd” Varga has reportedly won his lawsuit against Twitch, which began more than two years ago in San Francisco. The former streamer, who sought damages after he was banned from Twitch in 2016, claimed on Twitter he had won the suit “on all counts,” and that his victory was a win for “ALL streamers.”

Where is OWN3D located?

Oberosterreich, Austria
OWN3D is located in Steyr, Oberosterreich, Austria .

Is Phantom Lord in jail?

Disgraced Twitch star James ‘Phantoml0rd’ Varga says his swatter from 2013, who also DDoSed League of Legends, DOTA 2 and other games, is now in jail.

Is Dinglederper still with PhantomL0rd?

No were not together anymore we mutually decided to separate a couple weeks ago. I’m living back at home in New Jersey.

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