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Do you need special plumbing for a jetted tub?

Do you need special plumbing for a jetted tub?

Take Care of the Plumbing Details First If working from above, you’ll need to be very exact with the rough plumbing. Because of the volume of water some jetted tubs can hold, they’re often plumbed with 3/4-inch supply lines instead of the more common 1/2-inch.

How much does it cost to install jets in a bathtub?

Cost To Install A Jetted Bathtub Jetted tub installation costs $1,500 to $6,000 on average for the materials and labor. Jetted tubs wire into the home’s electrical system and may require a dedicated electrical circuit to power many jets or an inline heater.

Can you turn a tub into a jetted tub?

If you decide you’ll simply replace your bathtub with a jetted tub, you can find some excellent options. The Luxury Water Jetted and Air Bubble Bathtub from Woodbridge is a great selection. This combo tub gives you both air jets for a gentle, all-over body massage, and water jets, for a more targeted massage.

How hard is it to install a jetted tub?

A tub’s not overly difficult to install, but it is a fairly time consuming project. Before you begin, find out what type of tub you have and whether it needs to be framed. Some whirlpool tubs or spas have a finished side or two, so framing and finishing the side panel are not required.

Does a jetted tub require a dedicated circuit?

Use a Dedicated Circuit The whirlpool tub motor must be wired to its own dedicated circuit in the service panel. If your whirlpool tub has a heater, that must have its own dedicated circuit, as well. Tubs requiring 240 volts must be directly connected to the power supply.

How do you install a freestanding jetted tub?

To install a freestanding tub, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the tub’s future location on the floor and rough in the drain.
  2. Install the plumbing.
  3. Set the tub in place and make sure it’s level.
  4. Use plumber’s tape or thread sealant on threaded connections that don’t have a rubber sealing gasket.
  5. Tighten all the connections.

Do jetted tubs need electricity?

A whirlpool tub requires electrical energy to run the jets, heater and blower if equipped. Because of the proximity of water to an electrical source, there are strict regulations regarding the installation of whirlpool tubs.

Does a Jacuzzi tub need a GFCI?

GFCIs are required for all hot tubs. According to the National Electric Code, any outlet that supplies power to a hot tub is required by law to have a GFCI breaker. This includes plug-in hot tubs too. The 220-volt hot tub usually requires a 50-60 AMP breaker.

What power supply is needed for a whirlpool bath?

The plumbing is exactly the same the only real difference is that a whirlpool bath requires a standard 13 amp supply running to it, observing the current IE regulations.

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