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Does vinpocetine cause drowsiness?

Does vinpocetine cause drowsiness?

Vinpocetine is well tolerated. Minor adverse reactions include facial flushing, dry mouth, drowsiness, headache, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and indigestion.

Does vinpocetine increase dopamine?

24 (1999) 1585], vinpocetine increases DOPAC release either under resting, veratridine or high K(+) depolarized conditions. This latter effect, which does not involve VSSC, was characterized.

Is vinpocetine good for your brain?

In the brain, vinpocetine improves brain blood flow by acting as a cerebral vasodilator (Bonoczk et al., 2000, Bonoczk et al., 2002, Patyar et al., 2011, Szilagyi et al., Vas et al., 2002, Zhang and Yang, 2015); and enhances cerebral metabolism by increasing oxygen and glucose uptake and stimulating neuronal ATP …

Is vinpocetine a nootropic?

As a nootropic alkaloid, vinpocetine has been shown to facilitate learning and memory, specifically to prevent cognitive deficits commonly coupled with dementias [10,11]. Vinpocetine acts as a neuroprotective agent that reduces damage to the brain from ischemia, stroke, and trauma [12].

Is vinpocetine good for memory?

Vinpocetine is a partially synthesized supplement created from vincamine, which is derived from the seeds of the periwinkle plant. Though evidence of its cognitive benefits is mixed, it can potentially improve memory and increase brain blood flow and metabolism.

What are the benefits of taking vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine inhibits PDE1 activity and improves cerebral blood flow by elevating cGMP and cAMP, increasing mitochondrial function, and improving glucose and oxygen utilization by the brain. Vinpocetine helps improve spatial memory in rats by preventing neuronal damage and favorably modulating cholinergic function (18).

Is vinpocetine good for tinnitus?

Lesser (Vinca minor) contains a compound known as vincamine. Extracts containing vincamine have been used in Germany to help decrease tinnitus. Preliminary clinical trial data show that vinpocetine, a semi-synthetic version of vincamine, can help reduce symptoms in people whose tinnitus is due to poor blood flow.

Does vinpocetine lower blood pressure?

Vinpocetine suppressed blood pressure elevation, which is in line with the vasodilatory effect that vinpocetine has [20]. However, blood pressure does not account for the atherosclerosis development in ApoE−/− mice [19]. Thus the anti-atherogenic effect of vinpocetine is likely mediated by its action on vessel walls.

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