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How deep is the Kinzua Dam in PA?

How deep is the Kinzua Dam in PA?

120 feet deep
Looking upstream, the Kinzua Dam seems to protrude brusquely from the Allegheny River. Nestled securely between the rolling hills of Warren County, Pennsylvania, the dam holds the river back. Behind it, the resulting Allegheny Reservoir stretches 27 miles long and 120 feet deep.

Can you fish the Allegheny Reservoir?

In conclusion, the Allegheny Reservoir offers excellent angling opportunities for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. The reservoir also offers good fishing opportunities for Yellow Perch and Rock Bass.

What bait fish are in the Allegheny River?

DEC continues to stock the Allegheny River annually with fingerling muskellunge. Monsters up to 50 inches are occasionally caught by those anglers with persistence and a little know-how. Large, live chubs, shiners and suckers are a popular bait, while some prefer top water plugs or large spinner baits.

What kind of fish are in Kinzua lake?

Kinzua holds as big a sampling of gamefish as can be found anywhere in the state. Atlantic salmon, brown trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, muskellunge and a variety of panfish including yellow perch, crappies, bluegills and bullheads, plus channel catfish, can be caught there.

How deep is the Allegheny Reservoir?

130 feet
At normal summer pool level the reservoir is 27 miles long, 14 miles in Pennsylvania and 13 miles in New York, with 91 miles of shoreline, and a maximum depth of 130 feet.

Is there a river underneath the Allegheny River?

History and profile The Fourth River takes its name from a subterranean river beneath Pittsburgh, a city famously sited at the confluence of three rivers: Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio.

What does the word Kinzua mean?

fish on spear
In the Seneca language, which many of the Indians still speak, kinzua means “fish on spear” and refers to a site on the river 198 river miles above Pittsburgh, just south of the New York state line, where the dam was built.

What kind of fish are in Kinzua Lake?

What species of fish are in the Kinzua Dam?

Are there muskies in the Allegheny River?

With thousands of muskies stocked over the previous decades as well as a significant amount of natural reproduction occurring, our section of the Allegheny River has a strong population of muskies over 40 inches with the average “catch size” being in the 37-42 inch range.

Where can I fish in Allegheny National Forest?

River and Stream Fishing

  • Creeks by name include Logans Run, Tionesta Creek, Hickory Creek, Kinzua Creek, Brokenstraw Creek, and East Hickory Creek.
  • Allegheny Reservoir has stream fishing available at Morrison Run, which feeds into the reservoir.

How to get to Kinzua Dam campground?

From Kinzua Dam take Route 59 east to the intersection of Allegheny National Forest Route 262 (Longhouse Drive). Turn right onto Longhouse Drive and proceed for 9 miles to campground entrance. Follow signs to launch area.

What is Kinzua Creek like to fish?

“Kinzua is a beautiful creek to explore. Great fishing, try a C.P. Swing spinner….” Kinzua Creek “7 to 8″ of ice. Many perch small a few nice ones. 12 in 2 hours….”

How long is Kinzua Lake?

The lake is a 24.2 miles in length and has areas that have over 100 feet of water. There is a good population of walleye in Kinzua, however many of them are on the smaller side.

Are there walleye in Kinzua?

The lake is a 24.2 miles in length and has areas that have over 100 feet of water. There is a good population of walleye in Kinzua, however many of them are on the smaller side. In early June and late May it is much easier to catch legal and above sized walleye due to the fish being in shallower water in the 15 to 20 foot range.

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