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How do I change the order of albums in iTunes?

How do I change the order of albums in iTunes?

Answer: A: Right click on the songs in iTunes, select Song Info, change “Track _ of _”. The first number, which is typically the track number on an album, decides the songs order in an album.

How do I rearrange albums on my Iphone in iTunes?

Rearrange: Touch and hold the album’s thumbnail, then drag it to a new location.

How do I manually arrange songs in iTunes playlist?

To reorder a song in your playlist, select its title and drag it to a new position. Repeat the process with any other songs you want to rearrange. To turn off a song on the list so it doesn’t play, remove the checkmark from the box in front of the title.

Why does Apple music not play albums in order?

Open the Now Playing screen and scroll down. to set Music to always shuffle a list of songs selected. Any album, playlist, or set of songs will play in a random order. If the issue persists, force the Music app to close and test the issue again.

Why does iTunes put songs in wrong order?

In reply to my own question i’ve found out that if some of the album tracks have/have not got the “ALBUM ARTIST” either listed/not listed correctly this will cause them to be listed on ipod incorrectly. The solution is to either insert or delete, which ever you want, and the album tracks will appear in the right order.

How do I sort albums alphabetically in iTunes?

If you click on the header of the Album column, the playlist will sort alphabetically by album title (but not by Artist). Clicking the Album column header again will change the name of the column to Album by Artist. This sorts the albums first alphabetically by artist, then alphabetically by album name.

How do you sort recent albums on Iphone?


  1. Navigate to the Photos tool on an iOS mobile device.
  2. Tap the Album tab.
  3. Tap Filter .
  4. Tap one of the following sorting options: Newest: Tap this option to sort your project’s albums by date of creation, beginning with the most recently created album.
  5. Tap Apply to save your changes.

Can you change the order of songs on Apple music playlist?

Use View > Sort By > Playlist Order. Then you will be able to drag songs up and down to change the order.

How do I stop Apple Music from shuffling?

On iPhone or Android phones: Tap the song that is playing on Apple Music. Tap the Playing Next button and the Shuffle button. If the shuffle mode is turned off, the Shuffle button will not be highlighted.

How do I get my iPhone to play songs in order?

Since iOS 8.4, you can play songs in sequence by clicking on the 1st song; when the song title is showing at the bottom, drag it up and you will see the controls. Unlock the shuffle button by clicking on it.

How do I put songs in order on iTunes?

Play songs in a specific order

  1. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose Music from the pop-up menu at the top left, then click Library.
  2. Click Songs in the sidebar on the left.
  3. Click a column heading to play songs in alphabetical order by song title, artist, or album (or sort by any other category).

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