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How do you beat Ganon in Wind Waker?

How do you beat Ganon in Wind Waker?

Face Ganon and pull out the shield, and Zelda will shoot a Light Arrow, which will then hit Ganon. Use a Parry on Ganon, causing Link to jump high into the air and stab Ganon in the head with the Master Sword, effectively defeating him. Ganon will say that the wind is blowing and turns to stone.

How do you get Puppet Ganon figurines?

After the battle starts, take a pictograph of Puppet Ganon facing you. It’s enough to just get a picture of its face. Then save and reset before beating Puppet Ganon so you can be sure that you got a good enough picture to get the figurine.

What is the final boss in Wind Waker?

Ganondorf is the final boss in The Wind Waker. The battle is fought on top of Ganon’s Tower. With the help of Princess Zelda, Link can finally defeat Ganondorf.

How is Ganondorf in Wind Waker?

Ganondorf is the final Boss that is encountered in The Wind Waker. After appearing several times earlier in the game, he attempted to obtain the Triforce with the elements that resided in Zelda and Link….Ganondorf (The Wind Waker)

Games The Wind Waker
Attacks Slash Down Thrust Kick
Effective Weapons Light Arrows Master Sword

Do you get anything for completing the Nintendo Gallery?

You get a statue of the King of Red Lions and Link together. You also receive a letter from the sculpture alongside the satisfaction of completing it.

Is Ganon in The Wind Waker?

Ganondorf is the final Boss that is encountered in The Wind Waker. After appearing several times earlier in the game, he attempted to obtain the Triforce with the elements that resided in Zelda and Link.

What was Ganon’s goal in Wind Waker?

Cackling madly, he states his wish to expose Hyrule to the sun and remove the ocean from Hyrule so he can conquer it.

How do I beat Ganon’s Tower Link to the Past?

During this final phase of the battle, Link will first need to light the two torches. With the torches lit, Link will be able to deliver a sword slash to Ganon, causing him to turn blue. Pull out your silver arrows and shoot Ganon. Repeat this process until you have hit Ganon four times and he has been defeated.

Is Ganon the good guy Wind Waker?

However, Ganondorf cannot be classified as a good guy either Hyrule was flooded because he escaped his seal and, even without the corrupting influence of Triforce of Power, Ganon still caused chaos and violence. Part of his ambitions in restoring Hyrule is so that he could rule it with an iron fist.

Is Ganon in every Zelda game?

He is at one point called King of Evil, King of Thieves, the Dark Lord, King of Darkness, Prince of Darkness, and more. But every game in the Legend of Zelda series has seen a different version of Link, as well as Ganon.

Why is Ganon evil?

When Ganondorf discovered the lost knowledge of how to enter the Sacred Realm where the Triforce lay, he killed his minions in order to be the only one able to claim the Triforce. When he laid his hands upon it, the Sacred Realm changed into the Dark World and he was transformed into a boar-like demon, Ganon.

How many bosses are there in Wind Waker?

There are eight full-fledged boss battles in the Wind Waker quest, in addition to some mid-dungeon and larger monsters, such as Big Octo or Mothula.

Is Wind Waker Link reincarnation?

Twilight Princess Link is Skyward Sword Link (the first Link) reincarnated. He’s also a descendant of the Hero of Time. Wind Waker Link is Skyward Sword Link reincarnated, however, he’s not related to the Hero of Time. The reincarnations are all a direct result of Demise’s curse.

Do you need silver arrows to beat Ganon?

It takes 12 successful spins with the Tempered or Butter Sword to kill Ganon this way, and 24 spins with the Master Sword. In comparison, it takes only 4 shots with Silver Arrows to kill him.

How many chests does Ganon’s Tower have?

There are four treasure chests in the room, but they merely contain supplies of bombs, arrows, and Rupees.

Did Majora’s Mask have Ganon?

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Majora Majora’s Mask is set in the timeline where Link killed Ganondorf at the end of Ocarina of Time.

Was Ganon a good guy?

Some games depict him as more human with genuine struggles, and others depict him as just a monster bent on destruction. But many gamers have theorized that Ganondorf isn’t as bad as we all may think. In fact, he could even be considered a good guy.

What is the hardest boss in Wind Waker?

2 While An Easy Final Boss Fight, Ganondorf Is Still More Difficult Than Most Bosses In Wind Waker. The iconic villain Ganondorf is the final boss of Wind Waker.

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