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How do you conjugate AU in French?

How do you conjugate AU in French?

French place ending in other vowel or consonant = masculine

  1. To say you’re going to this place, use “au”: Je vais… au Niger, au Brésil, au Maroc, au Congo.
  2. To say you’re in this place, use “au”: Je suis… au Niger, au Brésil, au Maroc, au Congo.
  3. To say you’re coming from this place, use “du”: Je viens…

How do you use AU in French?

Au, à la, à l’ and aux are all ways of saying ‘to the’ or ‘at the’. For example, in order to say ‘I work at the cinema’ in French, we would say ‘je travaille au cinéma’.

What is the difference between EN and AU?

When you need to use “à” + country, you’ll need to use “au” if the country’s name is singular masculine and begins with a consonant sound, “en” when it is singular feminine or singular masculine and begin with a vowel sound, and “aux” when it is plural.

Is it au or en France?

You’ll see it’s quite simple actually: Use en If the country (state or region) is feminine, like la France, la Chine, l’Algérie, la Colombie, la Normandie, la Louisiane, la Ligure or if the country is masculine but starts with a vowel, like l’Iran, l’Uruguay : Je vis en France.

What is Au in English from French?

Translation of “au” in English. Other Noun. at. of. au to the in the during on with for by.

Is Au plural in French?

Note that nouns ending in -au, -eau take an -x in the plural form, and not an -s.

Why do we use AU?

The astronomical unit provides a convenient way to express and relate distances of objects in the solar system and to carry out various astronomical calculations.

Why does a Le become au?

“Le” (or “la”, or “l’”, or “les”) means “the”. “Au” is the contraction of *“à le” (*“à le” is grammatically incorrect). Similarly, “aux” is the contraction of *“à les”. In French, the name of a country is indeed preceded by an article.

Does a la become au?

How do you read AU in French?

The letters AU in French are pronounced like the “closed” O sound. (Note that the letter combination EAU is also pronounced this way.)…Click on the links below to hear the words pronounced in French:

  1. autobus (bus)
  2. chaud (hot)
  3. mauvais (bad)
  4. taux (rate)
  5. auto (car)
  6. cauchemar (nightmare)
  7. taule (jail [informal])

What is Au short for in French?

Contraction. au (used with a singular masculine noun) Contraction of à le (“to the, for the, at the”).

Is Au a preposition?

Use of preposition au The preposition “au” is used with names of places in the masculine form when it is not a person. – Je vais au cabinet vétérinaire.

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