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How do you get the Breckenridge trail map?

How do you get the Breckenridge trail map?

A hardcopy of the map is available at the Breckenridge Welcome Center (203 S. Main St.) or at local retailers. Proceeds from the sale of the printed trail map go directly to trail building and open space maintenance efforts.

How many days do you need in Breckenridge?

While itineraries can be extended or shortened to fit any type of travel, we typically recommend at least 4-5 days to visit Breckenridge. Your first day should be reserved for mellow activities like strolling Main Street or taking a historic tour in order to get acclimated to our high elevation.

How long is 4 o clock run at Breckenridge?

three and a half miles
4 O’Clock Run, located on Peak 8, is Breckenridge’s longest trail. Spanning three and a half miles long, this run is classified as a single black diamond at the top, blue in the middle, and green to the bottom. 4 O’clock has it all and is a “must ski” while you’re at Breck.

How long are the runs at Breckenridge?

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Base elevation 9,600 feet (2,900 m)
Skiable area 2,908 acres (11.77 km2)
Runs 155 total – 14% beginner – 31% intermediate – 19% advanced – 36% expert
Longest run Four O’Clock 3.5 miles (5.6 km)

Is Breckenridge expensive to visit?

Staff report. BRECKENRIDGE — Breckenridge was named the third most expensive town in America in rankings released Aug. 15 by LendingTree. To rank the 50 most expensive towns, the study looked at median home values and median income “to determine how attainable homeownership is for the average person living there.”

What peak is Snowflake lift in Breckenridge?

Peak 8
Located on Peak 8, the Four O’Clock Ski Run is Breckenridge’s longest ski trail spanning three and a half miles long. The Snowflake lift, located within the Four O’Clock neighborhood, is the only lift of its kind making a 45-degree turn halfway through its journey to the Peak 8 drop off point.

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