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How long do Pomeranian rat terriers live?

How long do Pomeranian rat terriers live?

Their playful and inquisitive nature makes them great playmates for older children. Though a new and relatively rare hybrid, we can look into the history of the two parent breeds to know a little more about this Pomeranian Rat Terrier mix….Pomerat (Pomeranian & Rat Terrier Mix)

Height: 8-13 inches
Weight: 5-17 pounds
Lifespan: 12-18 years

What is a Chihuahua rat terrier mix?

Rat-Chi, Ratchi. The Rat-Cha is a crossbreed between the purebred American Rat Terrier and Chihuahua. This designer dog has high energy and is very loving toward their family. The Rat-Cha, also called the Rat-Chi, is frisky and can be overprotective of their people.

Where do Rat Terriers come from?

United StatesRat Terrier / Origin

What does is Pomeranian and a is Rat Terrier mix look like?

Pomerat Breed Appearance Pomerat dogs are small hybrid breeds and are a cross between a Rat Terrier and a Pomeranian. They are small dogs weighing up to 16 pounds with a height of up to 12 inches. They can be black, black and tan, or brown and white.

What problems do rat terriers have?

This breed is mainly healthy, living an average life span of 15 to 18 years. Some health problems that may occur with a Rat Terrier are hip and elbow dysplasia, and patellar luxation.

Are Rat Terrier Chihuahuas good dogs?

Meet the Rat-Cha, which is an American Rat Terrier crossed with a Chihuahua. These dogs may be little, but the Rat-Cha has big spirits. Their ferociousness can put much larger dogs to shame, for better or worse. The Rat-Cha can actually make a good guard dog, but you must take care not to let them get too aggressive.

How much do Pomchis cost?

How much is a Pomchi Puppy? The average cost of a Pomchi puppy is around $500. However, it varies a lot — from $150 to $1500. Well-bred individuals can be as expensive as $5,000 and more.

Do Rat Terriers make good house pets?

Rat Terriers make wonderful dogs for families living in any size of home. They love people and and are good with other dogs, and even cats, when they’ve been socialized from a young age. They need consistent exercise and and plenty of mental stimulation, too.

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