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How many pages does Aab-e-Hayat have?

How many pages does Aab-e-Hayat have?

100% Authentic products….Aab-E-Hayat Urdu (Fine Paperback, Urdu, Umera Ahmad)

Book Aab-E-Hayat Urdu
Number of Pages 728
Language Urdu

What is Aab-e-Hayat?

Aab-e hayat (Urdu: آبِ حیات, lit. water of life) is a commentary (or tazkira) on Urdu poetry written by Muhammad Husain Azad in 1880.

What is the story of Abe Hayat novel?

Now, the story of Aab-e-Hayat begins right where it ends in Peer e Kamil. Imama and Salar are together and they need to decide what kind of life they are going to lead. This part of the novel tells how their family grows, their children are mentioned, their sacrifices, love، heating arguments, and disagreements.

Does Aab-e-Hayat exist?

Aab-e-Hayaat, as the name suggests, stands for the water of life which gives an eternal existence to one who drinks it. Khizr also drank this water and became eternal. That is how he came to be kown as the one who had lived the longest and travelled the most.

Is Aab-e-Hayat sequel of peer e Kamil?

To cut a long story short, Aab-e-Hayat is a sequel of one of the best selling books ‘Peer-e-Kamil’. The story revolves around Salar and Imamah’s journey and their evergreen love story in its sequel Aab-e-Hayat.

What is the meaning of Hayat?

Hayat or Hayet is an Arabic word which means “life”.

Who is Salar Sikandar?

Salar Sikander – Imama’s rich neighbour, who has an IQ of above 150.

Is Khidr alive?

The Islamic scholar Said Nursî also contends that Khidr is alive, but that there are five degrees of life; Khidr is at the second degree of life, thus some religious scholars have been doubtful about it. Khidr and Ilyas are free to an extent.

Is Peer-e-Kamil a real story?

Pir-e-Kamil or Peer-e-Kamil (Urdu: پیر کامل صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم; meaning “The Perfect Mentor”) is a novel written by Pakistani writer Umera Ahmad….Pir-e-Kamil.

Cover of English translation of novel
Author Umera Ahmad
Genre Novel
Publisher Ferozsons
Publication date Urdu: 2004 English: 2011

Is Hayat a Girl name?

Hayat name meaning is Life. It is a Muslim Girl name with lucky number 1….Hayat Name Meaning.

Name Hayat
Meaning Life
Gender Girl
Origin Balochi
Lucky # 5

What is lucky number of Hayat?

Q. What is the Lucky Number of Hayat? The lucky number associated with the name Hayat is “5”.

Who is writer of peer e Kamil?

Umera AhmadPir-e-Kamil / Author

What is the story of Pir e Kamil?

Peer-e-Kamil (English: The Perfect Mentor) is a story focusing on a deviational sect which violates the finality of our Prophet (P.B.U.H) meanwhile, narrating a heart wrenching journey of two unhappy souls; Salaar Sikandar, a genius with an outstanding I.Q who has complicated queries about life and Imama Hashim, an …

Is Hazrat Khidr a prophet?

In various Islamic and non-Islamic traditions, Khidr is described as a messenger, prophet or wali, who guards the sea, teaches secret knowledge and aids those in distress. He prominently figures as patron of the Islamic saint ibn Arabi.

Is Hazrat Khizar mentioned in Quran?

Although Khidr is not mentioned in the Quran, Muslim exegetes identify him as the “servant of God” mentioned in Q 18:65. The story of Moses and Khidr is widespread in Muslim and Jewish stories of the medieval period.

What is the story of Peer E Kamil?

Is Hayat Urdu word?

There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Hayat in Urdu is حیات : زندگی ، جان ، عمر, and in roman we write it Hayat : Zindagi , Jaan , Umar . The other meanings are Hayat : Zindagi, Jaan and Umar.

How many times is Hayat mentioned in Quran?

Dear SE: These are some facts about the Quran: the words “Al-Hayat” (life) and “Al-Maout” (death) are mentioned 145 times each; the words “devil” and “angel” are each mentioned 88 times; the words “Al-Rajl” (man) and “Al-Mara’a” (woman) are each mentioned 24 times.

Is Hayat a girl name?

What is the meaning of Hayat girl name?

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