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How much can a Kubota L3800 lift?

How much can a Kubota L3800 lift?

Hydraulics run through a tandem pump that outputs 10.1 gpm, with 6.3 gpm available for implement use and 3.8 gpm for power steering needs. This gives the Cat 1 three-point hitch (3PH) a lift capacity of 1,435 lbs measured at 24” behind the lift point. Lower lift arms come standard with outboard turnbuckle stabilizers.

How much does a Kubota L3800 weight?

Kubota L3800

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 63.3 inches 160 cm
Weight: 2480 to 2668 pounds
Front tire: 5.00-15
Rear tire: 11.2-24 (2WD)

What horsepower is a L3800 Kubota Tractor?

Powerful Engines to Take On Tough Projects. The L3200 gear-drive model puts out 26.7 PTO horsepower (HST model: 25.2 PTO horsepower), while the L3800 gear- drive model provides 31.5 PTO horsepower (HST model: 30.0 PTO horsepower).

How wide is a Kubota L3800?

55.1 inches
Kubota L3800 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 63.3 inches 160 cm
Length: 110.6 inches 280 cm (2WD)
106.3 inches 270 cm (4WD)
Width: 55.1 inches 139 cm

What horsepower is L3200 Kubota Tractor?

31.9 hp
Kubota L3200

Kubota L3200 Power
Engine (gross): 31.9 hp 23.8 kW
Engine (net): 30.4 hp 22.7 kW
PTO (claimed): 26.7 hp 19.9 kW (gear)
25.2 hp 18.8 kW (hydro)

How much is a Kubota L3200?

Kubota l3200 Tractor Price Price is $12,185 USD for 2WD and $15,090 USD for 4WD.

How much can a Kubota l3200 lift?

Kubota L3200 Compact Tractor Front Loader Specifications

Model LA524AU
Maximum Roll Back Angle 45deg.
Digging Depth 288mm
Overall Height in Carrying Position 1427mm
Lift Capacity (500 mm Forward, Max Height) 400kg

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