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How much does HP tuner credits cost?

How much does HP tuner credits cost?

HP Tuners requires the purchase of Licensing Credits in order to tune with an HP Tuners nGauge. The cost for each credit is $50.

Are HP Tuners free?

This means that you are free to make any operating system or calibration level modifications and flash those to the VCM/PCM. This has many uses for the advanced enthusiast, serious tuner or engine swap workshop, allowing complete control over the VCM/PCM software environment.

Is HP Tuners worth the money?

IMO it’s not worth it unless you plan to do some really intense study, testing and so on. Most people do a “one and done” when they mod/tune. In that case just getting the tune is the best route.

Who owns HP Tuners?

Chris Piastri – Owner – HP Tuners | LinkedIn.

Can HP Tuners read codes?

It allows viewing, charting and logging of diagnostic data in real time via the vehicle OBDII diagnostic data port. It also allows viewing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) and other vehicle information.

What is the difference between HP Tuners Standard and Pro?

There is no difference between standard and pro other then the analog inputs.

Can HP Tuners read ABS codes?

HP Tuners only reads the engine data protocall, and the secret menu is also only going to give you engine codes. Body and Chassis codes can not be read there.

How long has HP Tuners been around?

HP Tuners LLC, founded in 2003 by Keith Prociuk, Chris Piastri and Ken Cannata, is one of the youngest aftermarket flash-tuner companies. In the few short years of its existence, HP Tuners has hit the market with some of the most powerful and user-friendly flash-tuning solutions out there.

How long does it take to learn HP Tuners?

I learned more in about 2 hours working in HP tuners with Ed then I did in over a 2 year period trying to learn it myself. So if you really need to learn what you’re doing before you have to fork out money on a new engine, Shoot Ed and e-mail and give him a chance .

Can I tune my car with my phone?

One of the most prominent developments which car owners can tune their car, has been taking place on the digital field. Using a simple dongle connection to the on-board diagnosis (OBD) of your car, your phone can easily be turned into the most powerful car tuning tool you have ever held in your hands.

Can you tune on a stock ECU?

A 100% stock car can get a tune. With some wear and tear on it, each motor runs slightly different, but the stockECU runs the same tune. The exact engine will result in better power, mileage, and reliability if you dial in.

Can I program a key with HP Tuners?

Nope, they do not do any key fob programming or anything BCM related that involves special programming like that. The dealer or someone with a dealership level scan tool is the only way.

What’s the difference between HP Tuners Standard and Pro?

There is no difference between standard and pro other then the analog inputs. I remember this being discussed. The AEM seems like a pretty nice PNP solution. Is there a DIY on using the AC pressure sensor feed?

Who is Chris Piastri?

Founder and Owner of HP Tuners, a US based automotive software company servicing the racing and performance aftermarket for the past 15 years.

Are HP Tuners good?

HP Tuners’ latest generation of hardware and software offers the fastest reads and writes, extremely feature-rich products, with ultra-competitive pricing. This versatile package provides you with the ease of use, data integrity, technical support, and high level of reliability HP Tuners is known for.

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